Ok, here are the rules for this game:


1) One person posts a DYKT fact.

2) The second person either says "yes" or "no" according to whether they have heard it or not.

3) Example: jackthecat: DYKT Obama is the president? Marcee: Yes. DYKT fries are made of potatoes?


Got it? Ok, start!! (and have fun while you're at it)

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Good to see people waking this thread back up. :3

No, I did not know that Emily, but.....

DYKT I have a pet fish? 


DYKT- I play guitar?

No, but cool!

DYKT - I'm absolutely DESPERATE to find something about myself that sets me apart from others, and that the last thing I want is to fit in?

Yes. That's usually the same with everybody. Fingerprints set you apart from everybody else.

"DYKT..." Female cows don't have tentacles!?

Yes. Unless the cows are from the planet, Raxacoricofallapatorius. Then they have tentacles and are carnivorous. Never attempt to milk one of those.

Now, DYKT as a student, you can't take out federal loans to cover the full amount of your tuition?

No. I believe you can sometimes, but you pay a boatload after graduation.

Feels weird saying this still....DYKT.... Mech Mice got more attention, fans and products than Codebearers?

True. Easier to market an explody wodey furry game than a thoelogical fantasy book series tat requires thought and imagination. Kids these days...and quite a few adults too.

DYKT I had surgery in March for my sinusitis and drank 20+ liters of Ginger Ale in the weeks that followed? Of course you couldn't know that.

Yes! I did! I was the 'doctor' performing the "Surgery" huehuehuehahahaheheheheahahahaha!

DYKT Milkshakes are messy when you drop them on your carpet...

Por Supuesto. Life has taught me that many times over.

DYKT Schrodinger's Paradox was invented because Schrodinger hated cats?


DYKT The moon is oval not round

What?! No!

DYKT I can't play the guitar?

no I did not

DYKT I have several computers, laptops, and tablets.


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