Ok, here are the rules for this game:


1) One person posts a DYKT fact.

2) The second person either says "yes" or "no" according to whether they have heard it or not.

3) Example: jackthecat: DYKT Obama is the president? Marcee: Yes. DYKT fries are made of potatoes?


Got it? Ok, start!! (and have fun while you're at it)

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He was a good villian, but I like him better reformed.

DYKT we have been going on about ninjago for almost a whole page


DYKT was about two months ago.


DYKT I haven't posted on here before? at least I'm pretty sure.

Did you know that I haven't changed my.profile pic ever! (:


Did You Know That Gaming?

Did you know that the cake.is a lie?

yes... very much so.

DYKT Sonic was apparently born on Christmas Island?


Dykt Cypher hates Apple technology?


DYKT Michael J. Fox was nearly accidentally hung filming Back to the Future Part III?

no but i'm not surprised.

DYKT power shell is a very versatile object based scripting language


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