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Edwyn Academy RPG

By Silver and Mina

Welcome to Edwyn Academy: a boarding school for students grades one to twelve. This is a boarding school designed not for normal students, but only for the rich and famous. It’s a beautiful island distanced far out in the ocean that is completely secluded to ensure the privacy and safety of the students. It costs 50,000 dollars a year to ensure only those who deserve the glamour can afford it and the high expense is to also keeps the common riffraff out. The island has everything a student will need, from well taught education to a mini movie theater for entertainment. Another precaution we take to protect the students is our specially trained servants who can all use magic and will be spread throughout the school campus to serve and help wherever needed. Classes range from the usual such as drama and academics, to other special classes like magic and etiquette. Your own butlers, servants, and maids are of course welcome to accompany you. Please come join our wonderful and illustrious school for the rich and beautiful.

This campus is very large and there’s anything your character could possibly need (as mentioned in the welcome letter). Your characters need to be rather posh and spoiled, but they don’t need to be complete brats unless you wish them to be. There is no restriction to what world or country they are from, or what species they are, (like elf, mage, part animal, human, etc.) so long as they aren’t vampires, aliens or things like that. You will also need a servant, maid, or butler, who can either belong to a student (either your own character or someone else’s) or you could choose to make one who belongs to the school and helps out where ever they’re needed. If you would like to be a teacher you have to talk to one of us to get permission.



- Can’t be invincible

- Can’t control other peoples characters without permission

- Must make your posts realistic

- Must speak in Italics or (parenthesis) when you’re out of character.

- Must get permission before you play.

- Have to understand that we can control your characters (but we hopefully won’t have to.)

Other than these rules there are no other restrictions! There is no planned plot and it’s up to all of you! Romance is allowed and warning: if you know us, we'll probably find a way to add in a few bloody scenes somehow so if you're sentitive to blood please let us know! Even though we created this RPG don’t think of us as main characters, but as students just like your characters are. (…though depending on how this goes, our students might have to become main characters…) We’re counting on you guys to come up with interesting ideas and things to happen but please stick within reason. ;) Go wild! …But not out of control please… :P

Note from Silver Phoenix:

Hey all! I just decided to mention something that I’ve noticed from my previous RPGs. Sometimes people leave for a while and then come back and ask what they missed. Even though I understand that we can’t always control leaving for a few days and missing out on things, it gets annoying if you have to ask that same question a lot. Please let me or Mina know if you’ll be gone for a while and we’ll fill you in once you get back on what you missed on your page so we don’t have to cram up the RPG with summaries of what jut happened. The best thing to do is just read back over what went on so you understand it more fully. If you have to ask what you missed, we understand and that’s ok! But please ask us on our pages. :) Thank you so much, and enjoy the RPG! -Silver

Your characters will be posted here:

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Thea couldn't say a word. She just ran, still trying to comprehend what she'd just witnessed. A serpent? she thought sarcastically. No, really? I thought it was a flying cow.

Carson hand was still covering the scar on the back of his left hand and he trying to make it seem as casual as he could. Shaking away the fearful feeling, he glanced back at the beach with a slight smirk. "Well, that was quite the thrill." He muttered. 

"Too bad it didn't catch one of the teachers." Ruby joked, sounding tougher than she felt.

Thea didn't dare look over her shoulder again, but she did her best to kept up with her friends banter. "Sure was a sight to see..." she said.

Jake walked inside and figured out that Jayden was probably in their room so he headed there quickly.

Javi closed his eyes sensing the ground to see if he could sense Mr. Dodger form anywhere near, not feeling it he opened his eyes and started to run to the forest to check if he was in it.

Gavin and Caleb hurried inside and headed straight for their room. Caleb, not wanting to tire himself out, decided against teleporting there.

Carson slipped his hands behind his back, only now realizing that his hand was bleeding slightly from the claws of the serpent but it was just a light graze. "Let's just go back inside." He said, wanting to avoid another odd encounter like that if it was possible. Besides, he needed a new pair of gloves so no one saw the scar.

"Sure." Ruby agreed. She felt bad about bringing attention to Penn's scarred hand. While she was brooding over her guilt, Onyx ran up to join the group.

As Thea slowly gathered her wits back she began to notice the tiny details again. Like how desperately Penn was trying to hide his hands. Being careful, she didn't say anything about it, but knew he was trying to hide something. But what?

Derek just followed the others quietly, thinking about we had saw.


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