Title says it all here you can talk to anybody from the Elemental leader saga or series. Including the new characters that are just appearing. You may also use your own characters you created for more fun.But be warn some might go bananas on you. Now heres Shadow snd his best pal Fukiko~

Hope everyone has fun on here!
~Shadow Riyki

And new characters are welcome too!
~Fukiko Saki

........nice introduction you guys

Shadow:.....Yay! ^~^
Fukiko: hee-hee :)

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Rumor: *starts putting up multi color lights up*

Iscariot and Shadow: *helps Rumor*

Goodfellow: *flicks off the bright lights*

Iscariot: much better 

Rumor: *nods head*

Virgil: Oh great. Now we get colors. *Sarcasm*

Goodfellow: hey it’s better than those bright lights we fixed

Roman: Well I for one like it. 

Patton: It looks so festive!!! *Hugs stuffed dog in excitement*

Rumor: *looks at Iscariot then starts pulling out bean bag chairs and other stuff*

Iscariot: *helps Rumor*

Me: *Jumps in for a moment* "Uh, hi." *shy and stuffs*

Me: long time no see friend! *hugs bladebearer*

Me: *hugs back* Good to see a friendly face.

Me: we’re all friendly here

Karen: We've been with unfriendly for a while.

Story: *huddled in a corner*

Rumor: *tack hugs his brother Reaper to the ground*

Reaper: *lands on ground hugging His brother Rumor back*

Goodfellow: *gives Story a white rose*


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