Basic outline

Enchanted Academy, School for the good, rich, Magical and powerful in the land of the Unified 5 Kingdoms for the last 400 years all the great Heroes Heroines and Leaders Walked through these grand Hallways.

But now everything is changing. For just as Enchanted Academy Is a school for the good The Grim Institution of black magic Is the school of which the Children from the darkest families known to the kingdoms are taught the Dark arts. The Schools have been at odds for years But now a mysterious massive explosion at the Grim institution has lead too the schools being forced to merge much to the students dismay.


The world in which this RPG is set Is divided between the unified 5 kingdoms (Stone, Cloud, Ocean, And Sun) And the Shadow lands


The Stone kingdom

Element: Earth

Native Creatures: Dryads Sprites and elves

The Cloud Kingdom

Element: Air

Native Creatures: Fairies, Winged Humans, Pegasus, Sky serpents

The Ocean Kingdom

Element: Water

Native Creatures: Merfolk (Mermaids/Mermen) Naiads, Demons of the sea (Sea dragons)

The Sun Kingdom

Element: Fire

Native creatures: Dragons Salamanders Fire sprites Phoenixes and Griffins

The Shadow lands

Native element: Darkness

Native Creatures: Trolls Ogres and a small tribe of darker Merfolk

Enchanted Academy:

Enchanted Academy is a boarding school

Creatures that are allowed to Join the school:

Humans Winged humans ,Shape-shiftable Merfolk (so they can turn human) And Half breeds (Preferably kept to a minimum)



That way I can help edit out faults (If there are any) Before giving you the go ahead to post

You may have a maximum of two characters.


Age: (Between 14 and 18)

Nationality: (Be Aware if your Character is magical there Magical Talent has to match with that of the place they come from)

Species: (Must align with there Nationality)

Class: (Knight/ Royalty/ Mage / Dark Mage)

Appearance: (Description or picture Please Bear in mind this is fantasy kind of style of clothing)

Skills: FOR THIS SECTION YOU HAVE A TOTAL OF 50 POINTS TO USE ON ALL THE SKILLS LISTED BELLOW (If you spread it evenly you will have 10 points on each skill)****

Physical Strength /20

Magical Abilities /20 (If you are a normal Human then it must be 0 Unless mage )

Weaponry Abilities /20 (Each 4 points is the complete mastery of weapon)

Intelligence /20

Speed /20

Good Personality points:

Bad personality points: (At least one bad trait for every two good because no one is perfect, Also Being ‘To caring/Innocent/Kind’ are not a bad Characteristics)

Extra Info: ( Mastered weapons, Pets , the school they are originally from any other random bits of info)




The bit we were all looking forward too



1. If you want to have a fight with someone one on one then you must talk to them about it and decide the outcome before you start to fight Otherwise it drags on for ages

2. Off topic posting to the absolute minimum If necessary I will make an OT thread for this RPG where you can discus stuff but I just think it breaks up the flow of the RPG with people constantly posting OT Comments

3. I Will have time Jumps when the story starts to die where I just move the RPG along a certain amount of time and possibly to a different location I will give you warning

4. What I say goes If for some reason there is I disagreement in this RPG (I highly doubt there will be) What I say is final end of story

5. No using other peoples characters without permission Or making your character invincible (I think with my skill set up I have made it impossible anyway)

6. Try to vocalise your Ideas In the OT section once its made and loosely stick to the storyline and not wander off



7. Please try to keep spelling mistakes to a minimum One or two is okay but I dont want it to be completley Indecipherable


Okay now the serious bit is over =) Have fun! I will get back to you as soon as I can with any modifications if needed and remember MY PROFILE PLEASE NOT IN HERE I cant wait to see your characters. If I criticise them Its only because Im trying to make them the best they can be.

Good luck!


****:For thoes of you may be having trouble with the skill point concept

 say it costs 1$ to level up each skill by one point

you have 5 catogories and for all of them the maximum level you can be is 20 points

but you only have 50 dollars so for example


Choice 1: 5/20

Choice 2: 20/20

choice 3: 10/20

Choice 4: 5/20

Choice 5: 10/20 


All 50 dolars spent

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Name: Lady Diana

Age: 18

Nationality: Stone Kingdom

Species: Elf

Class: Mage

Appearance: (the light is from her staff)


Physical Strength 10/20

Magical Abilities 15/20

Weaponry Abilities 4/20

Intelligence 11/20

Speed 10/20


Good Personality points: Very friendly, Good in school

Bad personality points: Though she can be very friendly, she is very, very shy. Everyone thinks she's stuck up.

Extra Info: She was taught by her Step-father, a human, for most of her life. He was very kind to her, but he noticed that at balls and such, she would stand apart from the others. Since she has no mother to show her how to be a lady, and he wants her to have friends as well as know what it is like in the "real" world, he's sending her to the academy to learn to be a mage. She knows how to use a bow and keeps a collection of rocks that she uses for practicing her levitation and other spells. She has a large strange gem that belonged to her mother on top of her staff that she uses for spells.

Second character.


Name: Princess Angel


Age: 15


Nationality: The Cloud Kingdom


Species: avian


Class: Royalty






LISTED BELLOW (If you spread it evenly you will have 10 points on each skill)


Physical Strength 8/20


Magical Abilities 0/20 (If you are a normal Human then it must be 0 Unless mage )


Weaponry Abilities 12/20 (Each 4 points is the complete mastery of weapon)


Intelligence 10/20


Speed 20/20




Good Personality points: Good under pressure, Makes friends easily, bubbliy




Bad personality points: will never back down from a challenge, even when over her




Extra Info: She can wield a mace, sword, and knows how to use a bow and arrow.

Name:  Zereth

Age: 17

Nationality:  Shadow lands

Species:  Human

Class: Dark mage

Appearance: No picture for me.

  He's average height, about five foot, with brown hair and black eyes that are tinged with red.  He isn't frail, but he is thin, giving the appearance of fragility, which makes his opponents underestimate him often. Wears whatever fits with common trends.  ( I am terrible with clothes)  He does not have an evil aura radiating from him, to dispel any beginning "something felt wrong about him".


Physical Strength 2/20

Magical Abilities 19/20

Weaponry Abilities 5/20

Intelligence 12/20

Speed 12/20

Good Personality points:  Confident in his own abilities.  Friendly, good with kids. XD  Strong in mind, if not in body. 

Bad personality points:  His temper flares rather easily.

Extra Info:  He has mastered the use of knives, and is working with the sword.  He enjoys learning, and is anxious to master his skills, so he works hard to attain that goal.  He always carries two specially made knives at his sides.  Used to be in the Grim Institute, but his "dark" heritage doesn't show at first glance, or even a second one.

This sounds like it's gonna be good. 

Here's my characters! :


Name: Sorelli 

Age: 16

Nationality: Shadow Lands

Species: Shape-shifting mermaid (the darker tribe for the Shadow lands)

Class: Dark Mage 

Appearance: (I do NOT own this pic, no copyright infringement intended) She looks pretty much like that only the top is part of the bottom making it a dress. (This is obviously when she is shape-shifted into a human)


Physical Strength 9/20

Magical Abilities 11/20 

Weaponry Abilities 9/20

Intelligence 11/20

Speed 10/20

Good Personality points: Merciful (in the sense that when you're down she won't continue to beat on you), loves her family, and she dresses modestly.

Bad personality points: Tends to shun people she doesn't know, can be overly competitive, and a little rebellious at times.

Extra Info: She's mastered Throwing knives, staff-fighting, and she's working on her fencing skills. She was studying at the GIOBM until they were forced to merge. She is particularly interested in the study of poison, and concocts her own poisons some of which she keeps with her.

 Okay, that was person one, here's person number two:


Name: Damian

Age: 17

Nationality: Stone kingdom

Species: Half human half elf

Class: Knight


(I do NOT own this one either, again not copyright infringement intended) He looks like this except he wears fantasy-style training gear (and doesn't have the neck tattoo)


Physical Strength 15/20

Magical Abilities 1/20 

Weaponry Abilities 10/20 

Intelligence 12/20

Speed 12/20

Good Personality points: Friendly, loves to learn, adapts easily, and he's very determined.

Bad personality points: He can get too cocky at times(but not all the time), and when he's not feeling well he buries his feelings inside himself and shuts everyone out in an attempt to make them think he's strong.

Extra Info: Mastered weapons: Sword and javelin, he's working on axes. He has been training at the academy since he was 14 in hopes of one day becoming a knight so he can help protect his homeland.


Name: Princess Leona Lunette Mai

Age: 16

Nationality: The stone kingdom/ The Cloud kingdom

Species: Human

Class: Royalty (Leona’s mother was a Mage)



Physical Strength 5/20

Magical Abilities 17/20

Weaponry Abilities 8/20

Intelligence 10 /20

Speed 10/20

Good personality points: Incredibly creative and artistic, Is a warm kind hearted person. She rarely looses her temper and always puts the people she cared for before herself. Is naturally curious about everything and is good at reading peoples emotions.

Bad personality points: Ignorant about the world around her and overly emotional. She is sometimes Shy around people who she has never met and can be clumsy when anxious.

Extra Info: She has mastered usage of throwing weaponry and the scythe. She has a small specially breed baby dragon called Topaz.

Leona never knew her mother as she died when Leona was barley two as a result her father kept her wrapped in cotton wool Leona had been a small baby and spent much of her childhood days ill from the lack of sunlight and exercise making her weak.

Her aunt Had quickly grabbed the reigns of Leona’s life and started teaching her magic and sending her outside to play with the other children as a result Leona steadily became stronger though she is still physically weaker than most her age but her magic skills make up for it. Her father is still over protective and its a battle between her aunt and her father on if Leona should continue going to enchanted accademy this year was even more dificult with the arival of the grim students increasing her fathers Paranoia.






Name: Sir Luca

Age: 17

Nationality: The Sun kingdom

Species: Human

Class: Mage



Physical Strength 14/20

Magical Abilities 15/20

Weaponry Abilities 4/20

Intelligence 12/20

Speed 5/20

Good personality points: Luca is incredibly observant and understands others motives and Feelings easily. He is calm in almost all situations and is not easily swayed by emotions. Inventive resourceful and determined people are drawn to him and as a result he is fairly popular

Bad personality points: Cold distant and dose not converse with people well, he can be harsh blunt and self absorbed.

Extra Info: Luca was stabbed in the leg at the age of four by a warrior from the shadow lands he has no limp but when running at a particularly fast pace the stab wound starts to burn. He has a mother and a father but has been distant with them (along with everyone else) since the incident, His parents sent him to the academy in hopes that he would make some friends and open up, this never happened although he is popular he has no true friends. He has mastered swords and is considered one of the best in the academy he never has focused on another weapon. He also uses his sword as a way of channelling his magic making his weapon incredibly deadly.

Yep ^^ oh yeah You should probably join the club Mista made I think he sent you an invite its were the ot stuff, Plans and extra charactes are going to be made.
You should have an invite, but I'll send another just in case.  Cause you can't request access.


Luca stood In front of the large arched front door of enchanted high Some students were already in the Ballroom waiting for the start of school announcements others were waiting around on the bridge that was the main entrance way to the school Most being gushed over by parents and guardians. Every time a carriage drew up to the base of the school the moment they came out of the thicket of trees all eyes would turn to the carriage whispers of "it might" and "could it be" would ripple through the crowd. Everyone knew the Grim would be arriving soon almost everyone was waiting with a sense of curiosity and disgust not so secretly hating the fact there eternal rivals were to shortly arrive into there territory.

Leona was surrounded by three small glowing orbs of light which were on closer inspection were actually sprites. The flew around the princesses head fixing curls and adjusting jewellery, while her father listing off rules and orders. Her Aunt rolled her eyes and waved the sprites away before pulling her niece into a hug.

"Have fun dear" She said calmly realising her from her grasp. Leona nodded pushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

"I will be careful father" She said sweetly once he had paused in long rant of what she should and should not do how to check her food for poison and to tell the teacher if the other kids were mean to her among other things.

He sighed and suddenly looked much older then he was. "Im going to miss you" Leona smiled up at him. "Im going to miss you too." he pulled her into a tight hug partialy lifting her off her feet due to the fact she was so very light and delicate that most people could pick her up with relative ease.


As I step out of my family's carriage, a hush fell over the students who had already arrived.  I smiled and turned to my father, who was sitting in the carriage.

"It seems that my "Grim" reputation has proceeded me."

He didn't laugh.  He never does.  Didn't even smile.  Instead, he clapped leaned out of the carriage and clapped me on the shoulder.

"Make us proud, Son."

And with that, he shut the door and the carriage rode off.  I looked down at the ground.

Always the same.  Never a "So long" or "Have fun", no, "Make us proud".  Ah well, new school, "good" students, it's a whole new field out there.

I spin back to face the school with my hand in the air.  "Hello fellows, and, girls.  I'm guessing this is going to be a novel experience for us all."

There was only silence.

"Well, I can see we're all going to be great pals."

Still silence.  I shrug and walk to the top of the stairs, where I sit down to await the arrival of the rest of the students.  One should always know ones fellows when one is to be dealing with magic, especially when one is on foreign ground.

Diana looked about the ballroom. Her father had her come early so she could get use to things here. She felt a little nervous. Well, alot nervous. Diana wasn't used to being anywhere without her father. She hoped this semester would go by quickly so she could get home.


Angel flew literally alongside the carriage. mother said she could till they got closer to the academy. she loved to fly. Her mariposa-like wings hated to be couped up under a cloak. she was meant to fly free.

"Angel, in the carriage."

Angel quickly got in. Only to get out a few blocks away.

Queen morgana kissed her daughter. "Have fun, and please, don't get sent home again."

"I'll try, Momma."


Hey Phantom-Rose, a friend of mine, Redwallgirl, was looking to join. She's already sent you a friend request so she can send you her profile, but she sent to me and I think it looks good.



I look out the window of the small black coach as it approaches the school. It looked good enough of the out side, though I could already see things that I definitely would've done differently. The driver pulled to a stop outside the entrance.

"Here we are, miss." He called.

"Thanks." I say without thinking as I grab my things. I hadn't written to my parents to tell them about the transfer yet, but when they heard they'd certainly make far too much fuss.

I climb out and walk softly up the front steps. There was already a small amount of Grim students there, though not many I recognized. The whole place was crawling with these goody-two-shoes though. It looked like most we're either watching the people arriving or gathering in the ballroom. I decided to wait in the ballroom, for whatever we were waiting for.



I leaned against the outside wall of the school, watching the students arrive. Several of them were the new students from the Grim institution, which had been mysteriously destroyed. Pity. I would've liked to have kept those 'evil' types in their own building, but now I'd have to deal with them on a regular basis.

I sighed as another dark carriage pulled up.

Oh well, maybe some of the students would change their ways after they see what it's like to be good. It was a good time to set an example before it was too late to change their opinions.


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