Basic outline

Enchanted Academy, School for the good, rich, Magical and powerful in the land of the Unified 5 Kingdoms for the last 400 years all the great Heroes Heroines and Leaders Walked through these grand Hallways.

But now everything is changing. For just as Enchanted Academy Is a school for the good The Grim Institution of black magic Is the school of which the Children from the darkest families known to the kingdoms are taught the Dark arts. The Schools have been at odds for years But now a mysterious massive explosion at the Grim institution has lead too the schools being forced to merge much to the students dismay.


The world in which this RPG is set Is divided between the unified 5 kingdoms (Stone, Cloud, Ocean, And Sun) And the Shadow lands


The Stone kingdom

Element: Earth

Native Creatures: Dryads Sprites and elves

The Cloud Kingdom

Element: Air

Native Creatures: Fairies, Winged Humans, Pegasus, Sky serpents

The Ocean Kingdom

Element: Water

Native Creatures: Merfolk (Mermaids/Mermen) Naiads, Demons of the sea (Sea dragons)

The Sun Kingdom

Element: Fire

Native creatures: Dragons Salamanders Fire sprites Phoenixes and Griffins

The Shadow lands

Native element: Darkness

Native Creatures: Trolls Ogres and a small tribe of darker Merfolk

Enchanted Academy:

Enchanted Academy is a boarding school

Creatures that are allowed to Join the school:

Humans Winged humans ,Shape-shiftable Merfolk (so they can turn human) And Half breeds (Preferably kept to a minimum)



That way I can help edit out faults (If there are any) Before giving you the go ahead to post

You may have a maximum of two characters.


Age: (Between 14 and 18)

Nationality: (Be Aware if your Character is magical there Magical Talent has to match with that of the place they come from)

Species: (Must align with there Nationality)

Class: (Knight/ Royalty/ Mage / Dark Mage)

Appearance: (Description or picture Please Bear in mind this is fantasy kind of style of clothing)

Skills: FOR THIS SECTION YOU HAVE A TOTAL OF 50 POINTS TO USE ON ALL THE SKILLS LISTED BELLOW (If you spread it evenly you will have 10 points on each skill)****

Physical Strength /20

Magical Abilities /20 (If you are a normal Human then it must be 0 Unless mage )

Weaponry Abilities /20 (Each 4 points is the complete mastery of weapon)

Intelligence /20

Speed /20

Good Personality points:

Bad personality points: (At least one bad trait for every two good because no one is perfect, Also Being ‘To caring/Innocent/Kind’ are not a bad Characteristics)

Extra Info: ( Mastered weapons, Pets , the school they are originally from any other random bits of info)




The bit we were all looking forward too



1. If you want to have a fight with someone one on one then you must talk to them about it and decide the outcome before you start to fight Otherwise it drags on for ages

2. Off topic posting to the absolute minimum If necessary I will make an OT thread for this RPG where you can discus stuff but I just think it breaks up the flow of the RPG with people constantly posting OT Comments

3. I Will have time Jumps when the story starts to die where I just move the RPG along a certain amount of time and possibly to a different location I will give you warning

4. What I say goes If for some reason there is I disagreement in this RPG (I highly doubt there will be) What I say is final end of story

5. No using other peoples characters without permission Or making your character invincible (I think with my skill set up I have made it impossible anyway)

6. Try to vocalise your Ideas In the OT section once its made and loosely stick to the storyline and not wander off



7. Please try to keep spelling mistakes to a minimum One or two is okay but I dont want it to be completley Indecipherable


Okay now the serious bit is over =) Have fun! I will get back to you as soon as I can with any modifications if needed and remember MY PROFILE PLEASE NOT IN HERE I cant wait to see your characters. If I criticise them Its only because Im trying to make them the best they can be.

Good luck!


****:For thoes of you may be having trouble with the skill point concept

 say it costs 1$ to level up each skill by one point

you have 5 catogories and for all of them the maximum level you can be is 20 points

but you only have 50 dollars so for example


Choice 1: 5/20

Choice 2: 20/20

choice 3: 10/20

Choice 4: 5/20

Choice 5: 10/20 


All 50 dolars spent

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XD  No.  But he wouldn't have stuck out like an overly friendly and talkative sore thumb. :P


Sounds like a good idea to me.  It has been a bit weird with Virgil going around thinking everyone hates him and no one has had a clue.

We're all in the same class, yes? 

Okay, I'm going to use the lame excuse that Zereth didn't notice the Vargy peculiarities of Virgil because he was sitting hunched over the table to account for the lack of reaction. XD 


Ah, that was convenient.  I was in class V and I was already at the table assigned to that class.  I watched the other boy out of the corner of my eye, but he showed no signs of moving. 

"Are you in class V too?" I asked.

"Cool, we're in the same class then."  I held out my hand. "I'm Zereth."

I held out my hand a little longer, but at continual refusal, let it fall back to my side.  "Nice to meet you, Virgil." 



Where are you people!?  It's like me and Zeeb here are doing this whole thread all by our lonesomes.

Seriously,'s depressing...XP
Angel is outside and Diana is having her meal right now
angel is the one to skip that stuff if she can.
...That's not something she can really skip without getting expelled...

Sorry. >_< I don't have an excuse for not getting on, but Rosie's computer has internet quite literally slower than a slug, so I don't know how often she'll be on. So we're all in the same class, yeah? 


  I looked over my assignment sheet. I was in Class V. A glance at the table told me that I was at the table for Class II, so I got up, leaving my empty plate for someone else to pick up. I had to look around to find Table V, which was on the other end of the room. I walked over to it, recognizing among its occupants Zereth, the cute guy I'd talked to last night at dinner. There was also an ominous-looking guy, who appeared to have wings, feathers, and talons. His black hair hung half over his face, and he didn't look like the type to talk much. 

  I come over to Zereth's side, tapping him lightly on the shoulder. "Morning, Zereth. Is this seat taken?" I gesture to the spot next to him.

I smile and quickly stand up to pull the chair out for Tavryn. "It is now."
"Thanks." I smile back and slide into the seat, leaning an elbow on the table. "So how're you doing today?"
I sat back down. "Fine, nothing to complain of.  How are you?"


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