what features would you like it to have?

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His room would be the base starting point. Then you could go around the house. Go through the book to select a level. It would be cool of it had little movie clips.

yeah. but you don't expect a base (hunters house) in the middle of nowhere do you?

Are you saying that he should be able to go all around Destiny?
Also you could pick between Hunter, Hope etc any of the main characters or customize your own Codebearer. Or you could play as the bad guys.
yeah! but with all this this game will have to wait A LONG TIME. enless the millers asked ubisoft to make it and the millers just tell them what to do! but that would be a lot of money.
Yep. It's worth the wait though
yeah, but like said if the millers hired ubisoft to produce and publish the game it would go a lot faster. And it would be more fun!
Yes! But, like you said, it'd take a lot more money. Hey! We could start a fund raiser!!!!!!!
YEAH!!! I hope chris is keeping up with what were saying then he could think about. (and don't forget allan)!
Allan doesn't get on as much as Chris. I wish he did. Then  they'd have two pairs of eyes looking for stuff.
yeah :)
oh and you could create your own codebearer, or pick from Hunter, Sam, Trista, Hope, Rob, and all the other codebearers.


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