Finish What You....What? What Are You Going to End This Sentence With? Experiment In Finish What You... Right Here on!

EXAMPLE:Person 1: I Like to Eat... Person 2: Clorine!

Be Funny, Imaginative, and Ridiculously Hilarious! (JUST DON'T BE GROSS)! Have Fun!

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KITT from Knight rider...

is who my van is named after.

I like to argue with my characters because there is one that... from the future, he came in a...

genie bottle from Mars.

On the night of the full moon, I....

ate the last of the ice cream!!!

If cookies did not exist, then...

I would invent them!!!! And call them an even more delicious name!!!!

Volume four of rwby came out and...

ripped my heart out.

A dog became President then...

it danced because why not.

A horse walked into a bar...

and it wanted directions to the nearest Wal-Mart because it needed new shoes

Trees started invading because

humans are literally destroying the planet.

Unfortunately for the trees...

they are quite useful when they're either alive or cut down

I beat Cypher in chess and

somehow he remained perfectly calm

Video games...


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