Hey All,

  I don't really have the specifics right now but Bladebearer is having some medical issues. We all know that she won't give up without a fight. But she needs your prayers.

Thanks guys!

I'll update you as soon as I can.

(Bladebearer Editing)

Okay, so I think I can handle telling you guys what happened. I'm gonna try anyway.

Few weeks ago, I suffered from a nervous breakdown caused by a massive load of stress. I had had warning signs for weeks: hives, depression worsening, lip swelling for no reason, not being able to eat, losing sleep. I don't remember much about that day. I do remember waking super early to go throw up. I had nothing to really throw up because I hadn't eaten the night before. My parents and I decided I needed to take a sick day from work because this wasn't right. After that decision, my mind is foggy on the details. I'm told mom found me curled up in a ball crying and shaking really bad. She took me to the doctor to get help. I evidentally was so bad off that they sent me to the hospital. They wanted to make sure my tongue didn't swell up or something.

Now I'm home, but I got a long way to go. My depression is still really bad. I sped hours just staring off into space because my mind can't process anything but hurt and sadness. I'm working on it though. Just a long road ahead.

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That might be part of it.

Actually, the bros were asking for ideas for people to be mods, and someone mentioned me. Then the bros asked me, and the rest is history. Happened way back in college when I was shy and didn't like to talk to people. The people I met here helped me to see that it was okay to speak.

Do more mods get picked ¬_¬. Only you are on. And old soul...when did you come on.

Nah, no more mods are going to be picked. The site is a goner :( We can only hope that blade stays long enough to see us all off. 

And uh. Super early. Like between 10th member and 22nd on the old site.

Woah. How old are you?

Is that mental or physical age?


That's a thing for the bros. And they busy right now. Sorry.

Well, I went to see the doc and my therapist last week. Starting my road to recovery. Go back to the doc tomorrow to see how my meds are doing.

Sounds serious. :P

It is.

Could you die from it?

People have been known to die from it, but I won't. I can beat anything!

My curiosity is overwhelming me...must...not..ask...


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