Bladebearer is currently on a journey away from home. taking care of heroic business.

I wanted to make an intro to tell her she is missed. Anyone who wants can post messages and or graphics to her. i want to surprise her on her return, which should be in about a week, if all goes according to plan.

Let's do this!!!

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hurry home, Bladebearer (M W)


i miss you. come back safely





no dog. not this trip. almost got my oma's german shepherd though. aww. Jus10. >hug< thanks.



thought my finger was going to fall off on this one.



when i say to take care of yourself, what do you think i mean?

don't need you getting cold.



i had toooooooooooo



what am i going to do with you?

Hurry Blade!  We needs you on these here forums.


Edit:  Oh shoot, I hit reply before I could add my smileys...

Blade, hurry up and get bacl! We need you!
And your little dog to! You don't by any chance have one, do you?
I do now. Ringo. We got my oma's dog. big dog.
Hey Blade! I thought it was gonna be a week...


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