Bladebearer is currently on a journey away from home. taking care of heroic business.

I wanted to make an intro to tell her she is missed. Anyone who wants can post messages and or graphics to her. i want to surprise her on her return, which should be in about a week, if all goes according to plan.

Let's do this!!!

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*rolls eyes*

I'm not that bad. < closest I could get to my evil eye

Jus10 is away for New Years Eve. I dont' think he knows I'm back yet.

Oh, well.


This site is like rocking awesome!














Uh guys, who's mod-ing this site now?


can we get security over here.


you're on your own for now. i don't have my mod powers.
Whew! i mean awwww!
The old mods are gonna get their jobs back (yay!) and I think the Millers are gonna get some new people.  I just don't know when they're gonna do that and give the mods their cool buttons.
And the t-shirts right/ Cause I heard somewhere that the mods would get team shirts.

Thanks, Jus10, for the thread.

and thanks for the messages guys.

they mean alot.

and thank you for being as awesome as you are.


yep ur awesome and an amazing friend 
and she's not a bad sis i gotta say.
thanks all


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