This is an RPG that I've been wanting to start for quite a while now but I haven't had the time. Finally I was able to write it up.

A race known as the Zexrel began searching out strange creatures that appeared to be half human and half animal but their reason is unknown. They are easy to identify because of their white skin and red tattoos covering their face and chest. The Zexrel are as skilled as assassin and it's almost impossible to hide from them for long so once they discovered a village filled with the half-bloods they destroyed everything causing the creatures to flee for their lives. Not many escaped and those who did were forced to seek shelter in a deep dangerous wood known as the Traekleth Forest meaning Dark Void. One of the half creature half humans discovered a large building that was surrounded by plants and trees that it appeared to be almost completely camouflaged. Quickly they began searching the forest for others who had survived to bring them to the fortress. Soon there was a small group of them and there was only one thing on their mind: survive.


Weeks later things became clear that the Zexrel were no longer the issue: the monsters and other danger creatures in the forest posed almost a bigger threat and after living in the forest for almost a month the size of the once large group had grown considerably smaller but still more people showed up from time to time, fleeing from different parts of the country where the Zexrel were still terrorizing. Suddenly the Zexrel seemed to disappear and there were no more news of the strange race but dealing with the beasts and illnesses in the forest soon made them forget about the Zexrel. It has been almost two months since the fortress was discovered and many people have helped to make small schools for the younger children to learn while the older ones are taught fighting and survival skills. Scouting parties are sent out to bring back more survivors but the Zexrel have still not made an appearance. Soon many people began discovering the small beauties in the forest such as secret underground waterfalls that no one had ever discovered and other hidden areas that make one forget that the forest is named Dark Void. Sightings of unicorns have even been reported and people became less afraid but once people got too comfortable a monster would suddenly attack and they would remember that danger still existed.

(I'll probably change this description a bit.)

This is an idea of what the fortress kind of looks like but it'd be even more hidden.

Here's a really rought layout I drew of the inside:

Ok so basically in this RPG you have freedom to make your own story-line (once you discuss it with me of course) and if things start to die down, I'll bring in my own plot. Just about anything can happen in this RPG but please remember that this RPG isn't meant to goof off in; it still must stick to reason but you can still have fun with it just don't go completely crazy.


1. Only control your own character(s) unless you have permission from another person to make their character say/do something.

2. You can't be invincible. (Meaning you can dodge every single attack thrown at you.) 

3. Speak in italics when out of character. (Or Parenthesis.) 

4. You have to get permission from me to start role playing with your character(s).

5. Must roll-play in third person.

More rules may be added over time if more are needed, but I'll let you know if I do add more.

Ok, now onto the fun part! Characters! As mentioned your characters must be half human half animal and that means they must have some visible animal quality (like bird wings, cat ears, fox tail, etc) but you can't turn into that creature. I'm going to let you have as many characters as you want but you have to be able to handle all of them. Don't make 5 characters and only use 2. I'll let you know if I think you have too many. :)

This is what your profile should look like:


Age: (between 13 to 25)


Species: (You can make up a random species name if you want or just put half-human half-whatever)

Appearance: (Picture please. Ask if you need help finding one and if you can't find one with the animal qualities, that's fine we can use our imagination. I prefer not to have pictures of real people...but if you can't find anything else than I guess that's fine.) 

Personality: (How they act basically) 

Bio: (A bit about their past.)

Other: (If you need to add something else.)

Off-Topic Page:


Silver Phoenix's character(s):

Name: Lev

Age: 13

Gender: male

Species: Cele (Half cat)


Personality: Curious, seems innocent but is slightly mischievous, sometimes selfish or prideful, and a little sarcastic.

Bio: Lev was raised by his aunt and she did her best to shelter him but he would always sneak out and explore on his own. When he was exploring one day, the village was attacked and his aunt was mortally wounded. With her dying breath she told him to run to the forest so Lev did and was discovered by a search party shortly after. They brought him to the fortress and he quickly settlef in.

Other: Can seem a little rebellious but can actually be very caring and protective over those he cares about. 

Name: Temralkari (Goes by Temra or Tem)

Age: 19

Gender: female

Species: Crawrem (half wolf)


Personality: Somewhat quiet, serious, alert, fierce when fighting.

Bio: Tem was the one responsible finding the fortress and feels responsible for keeping everyone safe while they're inside the hideout. Even though her parents had hidden a small house in the mountains they were discovered by the Zexrel and Temra witness the terrifying skill of the Zexrel as each of her family members were wiped out. She was only able to mortally wound one of the Zexrel before she was forced to flee for her life. Ever since that day, she has practiced her skills of fighting and improved considerably while also working on her stealth and tracking abilities. Even though she may be young, she still acts as leader most of the time and is in charge of sending out search parties into the forest. 

Other: She never draws her sword unless she means to kill. 

Name: Thren

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Zell (half black coyote)


Personality: Quiet, kind of anti-social, seems to get nervous easily but not often.

Bio: Thren has lived on his own in the forest for almost three years and has collected many scars from fights with numerous beasts that prowl the forest. More than a few times, he was almost killed but was able to escape just in time. He's learned from many of his mistakes and has met many of the dangerous creatures in the forest so he knows which one he can't fight alone. He was raised in a forest a long ways away so he feels most at home among the trees. His family was able to flee when the Zexrel raided their forest but they were separated so Thren has no idea where they are or what happened to them. Thren is aware of the fortress but is very hesitant to stay there because of the amount of people and only takes refuge there if he's badly injured or needs a safe place to sleep but he normally is on his own in the forest. 

Other: He never stays in one place but doesn't strays to far from the fortress in case he needs a quick hiding place.

Gosojo's character(s):

Name: Carter 

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Near (half bird)


Personality: Nice, cleaver, protective, always on his guard.

Bio: Carters parents brought him to the Fortress but then they suddenly disappeared shortly after. No one knows what happened to them and he never saw his parents again.

Other: He's a fast learner and is ready for anything.

Name: Torin 

Age: 15

Gender: Male 

Species: Farlin 


Personality: Very cautious, takes a while to warm up to you, curious. 

Bio: Torin never knew his parents or village, all he knows is that he was on his own his entire life. He used his skill and agility to hunt and get out of messy situations while he did his best to survive in the forest. He's been wondering about the people that just show up out of thin air, (people from the Fortress) but he's never seen the Fortress.

Name: Jethro

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Calmic (Half-coyote = ears, tail)


Personality: Quiet, uneasy around people, tries to act cool, he's jumpy but good at hiding it.

Bio: When Jethro was a baby a monster broke into his parents house and grabbed him running into the forest, preparing to take Jethro to its cave to eat him but as it was running, another monster was jealous and attacked it, wounding the beast holding Jethro in the process. He was dropped in the middle of an opening in the forest and both monsters forgot about him. A few hours later a Half-Jaguar village found him and he stayed with them until he could manage on his own and he left the village. And a month ago he found the Fortress, and has been living there.

Other: He carries daggers with him at all times.

Falling Star's Character(s):

Name: Iolani

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Avanu


Personality: Quiet, nervous, thoughtful

Bio: Iolani was nearly taken by the Zexrel, but her best friend threw himself in between, ensuring his own capture, but giving her just enough time to fly away. She did not escape unscathed however; her left wing was badly damaged by a flaming arrow. She crashed into the forest and was knocked out during the fall. She lay unconscious for several hours before Lev found her. She was the last person to be taken into the Fortress before the Zexrel attacks stopped, and has not spoken a word since Lev found her, though she is able to read and write, and her hearing and other senses seem fine. She is very shy, but seems slightly more open around Lev, since he was the one to find her and bring her to the Fortress.

Other: Her wing has not yet fully healed.

BladeAngel's Character(s):

Name: Jester Scream

Age: 19

Gender: male

Species: half human, half crow


Personality: protective,out going,strong willed,ready to fight,funny,caring and rebellious.

Bio: He came to the fortress when his family were killed. Now he is practicing his skills to battle the Zexrel. The only things that makes him stand out are his scars. He wants to have friends who would accept him as he is.

Other: he has the scars over his chest that are taking a long while to heal.

Mina's Character(s):

Name: Adair 

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Half human/ Half bat


Personality: Dark. Cold. Not one to smile. He wants to protect people. Surprisingly softer around children. 

Bio: Like many others, Adair witnessed the death of his entire family. (Though he clings to a small hope that his young sister survived and is still alive out there) This changed his life drastically and his personality turned dark. He decided he'd learn to fight so he'd never have to lose anyone again. 

Other: He still has yet to find the fortress, but I'll start with him somewhere in the forest.

Dub Kid's Character(s):

Name: Jex

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Faline (Half Panther)


Personality: He’s tough when he needs to be, but cares for everyone and tries to look out for them.

Bio: Jex came home one day to find the Zexrel at his house and was utterly horrified to find that they were killing his family. The last thing he saw was his father yelling for him to run but then the Zexrel spotted him. He took off running into the forest, and by chance found the fortress where some of the others were. They quickly took him in and he was able to hide before the Zexrel caught up to him. Jex was among one of the first people to go to the fortress and has been their ever since. He hopes one day to get revenge on the Zexrel for killing his family and has been sharpening his skills with using weapons.

Mandalore's Character(s):

Name: Silos

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Umbra (half brown fox)


Personality: Kind but always gloomy

Bio: Lost his memory and just found the fortress.

Name: Nikko

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Accipiter (half hawk meaning wings and eyes of a hawk)


Personality: Kind, lighthearted, sarcastic, funny, and random.

Bio: His dad died when he was five years old and his mom was killed in the attack on their village. Nikko was an only child and his cousins where also killed. He has been living at the fortress for almost a year.

Other: He carries around a bow and short sword.

Trixie's character(s):

Name: Tarlya 
Gender: female
Age: 15
Species: Dromen (part deer)
Appearance: long reddish-brown hair, brown eyes and small deer antlers and deer ears

Personality: shy, helpful, protective of people she cares about, kind hearted, loves little children
Weapons: Bow and arrows and small daggers
Bio: When Tarlya was little her parents would move from one village to the next. When she was twelve her parents finally decided to settle in a village called Gipo. After living there for about two years when one day Tarlya and her father where come home one day to fine the village burning down, luckily her mother and baby brother had gotten out. But then the Zexrel came and invaded what was left of the village, killing everyone. Tarlya's father was just able to get her safely to the lake before getting killed himself. Tarlya getting into the only boat on the lake was able to escape and somehow make it to the fortress where she has been living for the last year.
Other: she can run fast and has good hearing.

Satar's Character(s):

Name: Levi

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Kunto (Half-Owl)

Appearance: (with owl ears)

Personality: usually alert, protective, caring, calm in most circumstances, strategic.

Bio: Levi and his wife, Alana, were outside their village gathering, when the village was attacked and while his wife ran to their hiding place in the forest he went back to check if he could help people escape but when he reached the village the whole village was pillaged and dead bodies littered the ground from small children to the village elders. He started to run to the meet-up area when he saw the raiders coming out of the houses knowing that he couldn't take the Zexrels on his own.

Other: Has very good hearing and has a better eyesight than normal. He has a bow & arrows and a dirk.

Name: Alana

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Sirea (Half-cheetah)

Appearance: (without patterns)

Personality: Quick-thinker, High patience level, smart and artistic.

Bio: Alana and her husband, Levi, were outside their village gathering, when the village was attacked, her and her husband had found a hiding place in the forest a few weeks before that and they had made a plan to go there if the village was attacked. So she ran there to the small cave and waited there until her husband arrived.

Other: She is very quick and agile. She carries a Rope Dart and two short swords. (Both Levi and Alana live in the forest and have been there for a while.)

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actually just Nikko is attacking the snake.

Oh well Thren was in the picture. :P 

The creature looks something like this, but with more snake-like heads and a dark green. It's also thinner than this too.

The snake quickly moved out of the way of the attack and one of the heads lunged at Nikko with lightning speed. While another came from the other side.

The last head, turned its attention back to Thren and moved closer to him, hissing slightly and tightening the coils around his throat. Thren choked as the coil tightened, cutting off his air almost completely and tried to fight against it hopelessly. It began wrapping around Thren, pinning his arms to his side and then reared up, preparing to bite him. 

Torin bolted at the snake head that was about to bit Thren. He jumped onto its head rapping his lags around its neck, he opened his mouth and moved forward about to bite the snakes neck right below its head.

If this is fine I just remembered not contact. ;P

Carter pushed off the tree branch he was perched on and headed for the two snake heads that were going for Nikko. He pulled out a small knife and flung it at the one on the left of Nikko.  

yep, that's fine.

The snake head let out a strange hissing yelp and jerked backward quickly, forgetting about Thren, and releasing him.

Thren hit the ground hard and he coughed, trying to fight off the darkness that was seeping into his vision from lack of oxygen. He quickly began sucking in air, but didn't move from where he was lying, still in a bit of a daze.

Torin flew backwards slipping off the snake and landed a few feet away.

nikko regained his footing and attacked its neck
silos ran through the forest and took his sword then ran to attack

The snake head quickly pulled back but Nikko's sword made a light gash across it's neck, making it hiss and grow even more angry.

I should really number the heads...

Snake head #2 came about behind Nikko and went for his leg, opening its mouth quickly to bite it.

Thren shook his head, trying to clear it and slowly got up to his feet, still feeling a little dizzy.

Torin got to his feet eyeing the snake head, trying to predict when it was going to attack. (The snake that just released Thren)

Carter jumped at the snake head 2# with his knife aiming for the neck just bellow its head.

Silos jumped to get in the way, but he and Torin were to late, the #2 snake's teeth sunk into Nikko's Leg

(I forgot to mention something: snake head #2 has venom that paralyzes, snake head #3 is poisonous, and the first one just has plain fangs.)
Thren snapped out of his daze just in time to see snake head number three make a lunge for his face. Quickly, he dropped down to the ground and rolled out of the way. As he jumped to his feet, he looked around wildly for his throwing needles but couldn't find them anywhere.
Snake head #2 bit down hard on Nikko's leg and then reared up, dragging Nikko off the ground.
Snake head #1 quickly lunged at Torin, trying to wrap around his waist to pull him in the air.


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