I wanted to dedicate this thread to our moderators. I have noticed they are catching a lot of flack for doing what the Miller Bros tell them to do. I have no problem with any choices I have seen the mods make. Most of the people complaining are against what the Bros wish. Tell them.

We need to be a loving community. Stop being haters. If a mod tells you a forum topic is a bad idea, it VERY likely is. Even if you believe a RPG or topic is innocent enough, there are guidelines we as a community must follow. Somethings easily deviate from innocence. If anything, just remember the Bros own this site. The Mods are keeping order as instructed.

In summary: Thank you, CB Mods. I love you.

Everyone who has been cool: Love you too.

Those who don't like peace and family: Love you too. Be godly and kind.

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Awww! Thank you so much:) It is truly SO (Immensely, greatly and any other redundant word I can't think of at the moment) encouraging to hear this:)

No problem. Keep it up. Thank you. Thank you all


Thanks for saying something, Jus10. I wholeheartedly agree. It should be said, if it were not for mods taking time to be here everyday to collectively watch over this community, we might very well not have the site today. We are grateful for their commitment as we are to everyone who participates to make this community a safe, fun, and encouraging place. Thanks for being a part of the solution.


Thank you, bro.

I enjoy this site (even though I have been rather dormant as of late)

Great people. Thanks for all of this.

I have yet to read the book. xD

I have a VERY good friend who plans to loan me her copy sometime.

Take care. JAH Bless


Thank you, Jus10.

Yes. Thank you so much to all our mods. You all are amazing.

LETS GIVE A BIG IMAGINARY HAND FOR OUR MODS (COL) clapping out loud... no litteraly I am

thanks, guys.

Even though this was like ten centuries ago, I still appreciate it, Wispy. :P

1000 yeaaaaaars, can give you such a crick in the neck! Oi! =) wispy wispy, nice and crispy.
Say it loud! We're appreciative and proud. Hoozah


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