I wanted to dedicate this thread to our moderators. I have noticed they are catching a lot of flack for doing what the Miller Bros tell them to do. I have no problem with any choices I have seen the mods make. Most of the people complaining are against what the Bros wish. Tell them.

We need to be a loving community. Stop being haters. If a mod tells you a forum topic is a bad idea, it VERY likely is. Even if you believe a RPG or topic is innocent enough, there are guidelines we as a community must follow. Somethings easily deviate from innocence. If anything, just remember the Bros own this site. The Mods are keeping order as instructed.

In summary: Thank you, CB Mods. I love you.

Everyone who has been cool: Love you too.

Those who don't like peace and family: Love you too. Be godly and kind.

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Let's meeeean it! Make a scene with it!!! MODS...MODS...MODS MODSMODSMODSMODS!!!!!!
Masters of Damagecontrol


Thanks, guys.


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