We are UNSC Spartans. We have received a distress beacon, and we think it might be Noble Six, who was previously thought to be dead (Halo Reach). Our mission is to find either him, or the beacon, or both. We will encounter resistance from the Covenant, but we will succeed. We have to.


1. Be realistic.

2. No bad language.

3. Four Spartans are allowed in the squad. All other players will be UNSC Marines.

4. Have fun.

How to make your character:



Armor colors (two colors, primary and secondary) (for the Spartan Squad only):

Weapons (able to be changed in the game):


Jamal Solo's character:

Name: Mykel (Commander of the squad)

Gender: Male

Armor colors: Primary-Tan, Secondary-Green

Weapons: Sniper Rifle and Pistol

Eden's character:

Name: Tyrin

Gender: Male

Armor color: Primary-Black, secondary-Purple

Weapons: Twin pistols, and a sniper rifle

Shadow's character:

Name: Gio

Gender: male 

Armor colors: Primary black Secondary gold

Weapons: Assault rifle and a Pistol

Bladebearer's character:

Name: MJ Ekalb

Gender: female

Armor colors (two colors, primary and secondary) (for the Spartan Squad only): royal blue-primary green-secondary

Weapons (able to be changed in the game): sniper rifle and gattin cannon

Hope's character:


Name: Megan

Gender: Female

Weapons: Rifle and a Pistil  

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"I am don't know" Megan answered honestly.

"Hmmmm," said Mykel. "Well, lets get this show on the road. Come on, Terra Squad." Mykel led the group to the ship. "Are you the Captain of the ship?" Mykel asked Megan.

Am I? Can I?

Mj followed behind the captain. It was time for another mission, and she couldn't wait for some action to come chasing after this new Terra squad.

If you want Hope, you can.

Gio Jumped on to the ship and got ready to go 

"Yes sir! " Megan was enthusiastic.

"Alright then, let's get this thing up in the air!" Mykel led the group onto the ship. "How long is the trip?"

Gio got out his Assault Rifle and asked "So who is Excited?"


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