Hey everyone, I know this thread is technically supposed to be for help on the site, but as soon as my help due date is over, I'll delete it, I think this is the best category for it!

Okay, so I am a semi-finalist for a $2000 scholarship, and in order for me to get finalist status, I need people to vote for my profile. It's super easy too! You don't have to give away ANY personal info, just click on the link I will attach, look for my profile which is "Alexis Collins" and then hit submit on the bottom. Then you're done! Now of course you don't have to help if you don't want to, but I would GREATLY appreciate it.

If you're in the opposite and want to help me to the max, share the link with your friends on Facebook, or in person if that's your style and let me know.

Here's the link: http://hsnation.com/scholarships/scholarship-finalists/

On top of this, if you do help me out, let me know on my profile, tell me if you did anything extra out of the way, and I'll send out and EXTRA special thank you to the person (or people as it may fall out) who really took the time to help me out. This may involve the first profile name change I've ever done since my being on CB, and maybe a couple extra things I can come up with:)

Thanks all,

always vVv,

Lexi (for now)

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Oh, and the due date is December 6th, so get those votes in quick if you can!

Voted already. ;)
Yes, I'm that fast. :P

VOTED!! ;) 

You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you SO M&CH!

Voted! Hope you win, Lexi! You deserve it :)
Voted and shared the link with 6 of my friends so far :D hope you win

Done and I shared on FB too..:)

I'll share the link on FB tomorrow

you guys are all great! I can't emphasize that enough! If any of you need help, I will be more than happy to do it to the best of my abilities!

Just voted. ;) Good luck!

Also posted it on FB

I'm a little rusty at these new fangled posts we got here, so bear with me.  Golly, I don't think I've had a forum post sence Mike was last here, and before that, I dunno, May, possibly. Anywho, I DID vote for you, and I think it's so cool that you're striving for exellence in acedemics (oviously, I'm not exactly ahead of the class in spelling). I shall pass the link on to the few friends that I actually talk to on the internet, which, don't be expecting to win on my account, you could count all the friends I have on one finger. XP But hopefully they are less antisocial then me and shall pass it on yet again into bigger realms. Realms. That's a cool word. Makes me think of HB. Anyways, I hope you win this so you can be a ninja guru or bug discector or whatever you're going to *cough* waste time on *cough*. 


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