Same concept as old forums. In case of audio book, Millers want girls (Or if you're a boy with a feminine voice) to audition

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I'll have to do my recording again.  I lost it cause we've changed computers several times since then.
Us too, I need to find mi mic too, and then figure out how to load it.
Oh, oops, just noticed that I said this in the Hope thread...
Yeah...I thought that was a little different;) Didn't say anything though....that'd be rude
Hehe, if I get really really bored sometime I might make a Hope one, just for laughs.
It would be even funnier if you got in
...That would be really weird. But I would accept the part simply because it would be hilarious.
and you get free stuff for it I think...and maybe Millers have t pay to get you up here
I ain't payin for it, that's for sure. XD
TTUG!!! Where's my submission! Ahh!
It's, GONE!
What exactly do we do for this? Just choose a spot in the book and start recording?


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