A girl sat on her deathsong watching the dragon hunter ship below. "Are we ready?" She asked without turning around.

"I believe so." Came the reply.

"Then let's go."

In this roleplay, which takes place during race to the edge right after the night if the hunters parts 1&2, we are our own team of dragon riders and have also been attacking the dragon hunters but conveniently never at the same time as the franchise dragon riders. Until one day we launch an attack but both teams are in for a big surprise when the franchise riders show up ready to attack.


Post in third person

One character per person (if you want two you can have one rider and one hunter

You can have a minimum of 1 dragon, you can have a maximum of two dragons. One riding dragon and one small dragon for a pet (terrible terror, silquifer, smothering smokebreath and if someone could have a leader speed stinger?)

You can have either a rider or a dragon hunter.

Please no more flight suites

Leadership: Shamara

Survival skills: Lex

Knowledge of dragons: Shamara

Dragon authority: Pele/Shamara

Inventions/gear: Lex

Combat: I think that's all of us

Physical strength:?

Diplomacy: Shamara


Character Profiles

Name: nothing to hard to spell.

Age: preferably 16 or 17

Appearance: you can have as many pictures as you like but please don't have a whole long line of pictures:-D. Pictures are advised. You can draw your own if you want as long as you can get it up here

Bio: about your characters past.

Weapon: you can have a picture of their weapon but if you can't find one please describe it as best you can :-)

Personality: what does your character act like are the distrustful? Or the glass is half full kind of person? Are they tough or something?

Skills: what is your character good at?

Favorite pastimes: what does your character like to do in their freetime?


Riding dragon

Species: what species is your dragon? Explain your dragon the best you can of you made it up.

Name:What is there name?


Dragon Bio: (optional)

Pet dragon

Species: These are the other species you can have as you pet: terrible terror, smothering smokebreath, silquifer, night terror, or speed stingers.


Class: Strike, fear, mystery, tracker, tidal, sharp, boulder, and stoker. Also I am taking the liberty to add a couple classes. Ice class and alpha class (no one can have a alpha.)

You can make up your own dragon too but don't make it too powerful and no red deaths, purple deaths, green deaths it any kind of death except for whispering death and sweet death. And no bewilderbeasts! Just be reasonable. Also no Night Furies! Here is a dragon that I made up that anyone can use.

The Aurora Night


The Aurora Night is mostly a transparent white except for its colorful glowing wings and tail. It has a long neck like a zippleback and it's head is very similar as well.


The Aurora Night can phase through things and it's tail, which looks like it has glow sticks in it, has a stinger on the end that releases some of the glowing venom into it's victims. It can also hypnotize it's victims if needed but rarely does. The Aurora Night has vanity of that could challenge a sharp class dragon.


It is extremely intelligent so the only way to beat it is out smart it. You can confuse it using colors. If you challenge it it can't say no. Mess with the order of the rainbow and how you say the colors.


It has a glowing venom that runs through its body, wings and tail. When injected Into it's victim it causes a door and painful death. The only antidote is a certain mixture of herbs but thankfully the herbs grow commonly.

Other: anything that doesn't fit in anywhere else

My character

Name: Shamara

Age: 17

Bio: http://www.codebearers.com/forum/topics/httyd-fanfic

Weapon(s): a gronkle iron half staff that the ends can light on fire it can snap in half revealing a piece of leather that works like a hang-glider so she has her own version of the flight suite. It also straps to her back.

Personality: Sarcastic, natural leader. If someone is doing something she wants to know how it works causing her to know about many different things and how they work.

Skills: fighting with her half staff, singing

Favorite pastimes: sparing, riding Carmen, dragon racing, exploring the woods.


Riding dragon
Species: Deathsong http://howtotrainyourdragon.wikia.com/wiki/Death_Song

Name: Carmen

Class: Mystery

Deathsongs are immune to the eel effect and you know how chicken makes Stormfly go faster? Well eel makes Carmen go faster bringing her speed from 17 to 19 and natural training brings it up to 20.

Pet dragon

Species: A black terrible terror with a gray underbelly and highlights.

Name: Coal

Class: Stoker

Other: after she trained Carmen she asked Hiccup to make a saddle. She watched Hiccup make it and used what she learned to make two necklaces one for herself and one for Carmen, they were both music notes. Very knowledgeable about the variety of dragons and finds dragons a lot easier to understand then people, which is one reason why Pele trusts her.
I will also be Tuffnut because I find it easily to do him (probably because I can relate to him XD)

Appearance: my profile picture. I can't figure it how to post it here. (Not my profile picture anymore. If you would like to see it you can ask any I'll change it back for a while.

Hope's character

Name: Lex

Age: 15 (I got permission first!)


Bio: Lex grew up on a island called bog. Her dad died protecting her from a nadder and went she tried to help him the dragon shot a spike at her, nailing her to a tree as the spike went through her shoulder. She was forced to watch as he was eaten by the dragon. But before it got to her, the villagers came and scared it off. After that her mother blamed her for the death ornher father and abused her relentlessly. She was put to work for nearly every different person on the island, until they grew bored of her and passed her on. So she became smart and knew how to do most things. But she was bullied for being 'worthless' then she came across icewing (I'll talk about this in the dragon place) then, before training one day, a bully broke her right arm. They were sword fighting that day. She found out that she was acually left handed, amnd quite good at things she used to be bad at. Eventually, she was found out and ran away from bog.
Shield that she made for herself


Her fathers sword hilt with a lighter, shorter blade


And armor she also made for herself


Personality:brave, snarky, speaks her mind, sarcastic, sassy, sad
Skills: inventing mostly, but she's really a jack of all trades
Favorite pastimes: drawing, inventing, flying, sparing


Riding dragon

Species: Ice fury, relative of the night fury. Unlike the night fury, the ice fury travels in herds. One day Lex heard a call of distress in the woods and went to help. The whole gang of ice fury's were ganging up on the runt, icewing. Lex ran to help, and scared away the other dragons with noise. Icewing had a torn wing, which lex mended, and left a tailfin. Lex mixed it, and now icewing can only ride i someone helping. https://goo.gl/images/DzC929

Class: Ice

Other: Lex is a bit distant from the rest of the team other then shamara. She can often be found crying to herself with icewing. Also one more thing that I can't remember

Falling Star's Character

Name: Pele

Age: 18


Bio: Pele is from a tribe of island-dwelling people who coexist peacefully with dragons and have a natural affinity for them. Because of this, a band of dragon hunters raided her village and enslaved most of her people, including Pele, as dragon-handlers. At the age of 15 Pele escaped with riding dragon and lived on her own for 2 years before she was discovered by Shamara. After a very tense few days, she slowly began to trust Shamara and joined her in countering the dragon hunters.

Weapon: Stolen dragon hunters sword, crossbow with variety of bolts (Not Hawkeye/Green Arrow level, but she does have arrows for piercing heavy armor, flaming arrows, and standard arrows), simple dagger :


Personality: Quiet, slow to trust, straightforward, independent. Not very good at negotiating, diplomacy, or "social skills"

Skills: Very knowledgeable about the variety of dragons and their habits, diets, territories, quirks, etc. Most skilled dragon rider, due to an empathic connection to dragons (like telepathic, but focuses on emotions/feelings rather than words and distinct thoughts)

Favorite pastimes: Prefers to spend time with the dragons and travelling to different islands to meet new dragons, created her own style of dance based on different dragon movements (too shy to show anyone)


Riding dragon

Species: skrill

Name: Anaya

Class: Strike

Pele's skrill, Anaya, carried her to safety when they escaped from dragon hunters together. Pele and Anaya have an inseparable bond and Pele has even trained Anaya to control her blasts so that she can stun targets without causing permanent damage.

Pet: leader smothering smokebreath named Trinket, who is dark gray, but with a subtle silver sheen to her scales.

Other: Pele bonds quickly with dragons and finds them much easier to understand than humans. She respects humans who appreciate and respect dragons, but otherwise avoids people.

Jessi's character

Name: Carissa (Cari or Rissa for short)
Age: 17


Bio: Carissa remembers nothing before her seventh birthday, though rumor has it her parents were killed in a traumatic event related to dragon hunters. Because of this, and because of the deep loyalty of her best friend and loyal companion, the dragon Elysande, she has vowed to stop all the dragon hunters she can.
Weapons: Bow and arrows; twin swords
Personality: Introverted, suspicious of everyone, loyal to the few friends she has
Skills: Archery, sword fighting, martial arts, dragon whispering
Favorite Pastimes: Riding Elysande, spending time with friends, writing stories


Riding dragon

Species: Angelwing

Name: Elysande, called Ely for short (pronounced "Ellie")

Class: mystery

Her dragon looks like this ^^ but is slightly larger than a horse. She is of the Angelwing species, which got its name from its glowing white scales. My dragon's name is Elysande, but she is called "Ely" (pronounced "Ellie") for short. Ely is hot-tempered and has an attitude, though she is gentle around children. She is also very intelligent, and when people meet her they are surprised she can't talk. Ely can breathe fire, and she can also withstand colder temperatures than most dragons can.

Sabrina's Character

Name: Tyson Stormbringer


Bio: Tyson grew up in small stilt village which depended primarily on fishing as an income so when boys turned 13 they are started in training. The village was close to an island where there was another village that did a lot of trading with them. By the time they turn 17 they start going out on long fishing expeditions that usually last several days. Tyson was about ten when he went with his father and older brother to trading village. He and his brother did some exploring while their father talked out deals with the locals. They did this every time their father let them tag along, but on this particular day the found a baby dragon. A small blue Typhoomerang with its wing pinned under a boulder. Tyson's brother wanted to leave the dragon, after all there were many stories of dragons terrorizing towns and villages. His brother started walking off assuming that Tyson was following. Tyson noticed the poor baby dragon's wing was slightly torn probably from trying to pull it's wing out. He quickly pried up the rock just enough for the baby dragon to get its wing out. The dragon looked at Tyson curiously and Tyson ran off to catch up with his brother. Many years later when Tyson was a few months shy of being seventeen he went on a long fishing expedition. They'd only be gone about a week and the weather was fine at first. It was the fifth day. They crew was preparing to head back when a storm can out of nowhere. It raged for what seemed like forever and sank the boat. Tyson was a stronger swimmer like everyone else in his village, but he was no match for the roaring waves and current. He soon blacked out only to awaken on an unfamiliar shore next to a fire. There were no signs of survivors or remnants of the boat just a large blue Typhoomerang ,with a scar on its wing where it had been torn, but was now healed, staring. Tyson in the eyes with a curious look. Tyson had no idea where he was. Nothing looked familiar. He began bonding with the Typhoomerang and gave him the name jetfire. It took awhile, but he eventually learned how to ride Jetfire. Shortly afterwards he was found by the group dragon riders and he joined up with them. He still hasn't told the dragon riders the entire story, but eventually he will.To this day he has no idea how he survived that day. Whether Jetfire saved him or it was just luck. He is still wants to find home and his family, but for now he's on a mission to help dragon riders to save dragons from the hunters.
Weapon: Short light sword as in the picture in the appearance section. A two handed hammer

Personality: Very optimistic and outgoing. He trusts easily and genuinely cares for his teammates. He tries to always be smiling although he sometimes gets frustrated with how shy and quiet everyone else is. He still very much misses his home and talks to Jetfire at night about it when everyone else is asleep.
Skills: He is a decent sword fighter, but is typically beaten in sword fights against his teammates. His real fighting skills are will his hammer. He's a strong swimmer and knows how to fish.
Favorite pastimes: He likes to talk to Jetfire because the rest of the group is so quiet. He enjoys swimming and riding Jetfire.
Other: To fishermen a storm is bad luck and means trouble. Stormbringer means bad luck or trouble. Tyson also talks to Jetfire as if Jetfire were a person and Jetfire seems to understand. Tyson and Jetfire can be quite mischievous at times. Tyson isn't very skilled in dragon riding yet. He still needs a lot of practice.

Other: Tyson joined the OS Dragon Riders a month ago.
Riding dragon
Species: Typhoomeranghttps://goo.gl/images/Rorpty
Name: JetFire (Sometimes called Jet)


Nikki's character

Name: Laira

Age: 17



Bio: Laira had a happy and normal Viking childhood, growing up on an island, west of what is now known as Dragon’s Edge, with her parents and younger sister, who taught her to fight, sail, and hunt. At age 8, she started her warrior training, where she quickly discovered that she was a very skilled tracker and fighter. And as the years progressed she became a master of stealth, completing all recon, scout, and spy missions that she was ever sent on. A few of class would often tease her about being perfect assassin material, which she did her best to just ignore.
But when she was 15, her life changed. One day when she was out hunting wild boar, she came across a strange, half-hidden set of dragon prints. She decided to follow them, and eventually came to a cave where she saw her first and only night walker, Tardis. And every day after that Laira secretly went and visited him, the two of them becoming fast friends.
Until one day when Laira’s younger sister followed her to Tardis’ cave, startling him and causing him to send a breath of his toxic gas in her sister’s face. The girl instantly drop to the ground, shaking in terror. Laira was so frightened that she flew herself and her sister back to the village on Tardis, to get help, bursting into her family’s home. But the moment she told her parents what had happened, they turned on her, demanding that she take “that beast” and leave.
And so, she left her home in tears. Not knowing if her sister would be okay, or if she would ever see her family again. She and Tardis flew aimlessly from island to island, until she met Shamara and joined her group.

Weapon: Sword


Personality: Quite introverted, unforgivingly blunt; especially when frustrated, tends to trust a little too easily, thoughtful,

Skills: Fighting (hand-to-hand, sword, crossbow), hunting, tracking, getting around unnoticed, and has minimal craftsman skills.

Favorite pastimes: Reading, hunting, drawing, sparing, flying, and being alone.

Riding dragon

Species: Night Walker.
Spits/breathes a gas/poison that induces hallucinations, causing its victims to live their worst nightmares. The cure can be easily made from a selection of herbs and plants or the night walker’s own saliva. But if no cure is available, the hallucinations will wear off anytime between a few hours to a few days.
Moves and flies in almost perfect silence, and its dark color helps it blend into the night sky. Night walkers were often mistaken for night furies, so much so that the majority of people who have actually managed to see a night walker didn’t know it or even realize this type of dragon even existed, until both dragons were hunted to near extinction. A Night Walker is a little larger than a night fury. (It is so rare now that most people believe it is a myth).
Since a Night Walker’s only defense is it’s only weapon, they are quite susceptible if they use it all during a fight.

Name: Tardis

Class: Mystery/Stealth

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They grow up so fast.....


Seems like you guys need a villain. *evil smile*

Is this profile okay, Star?

Name: Lautrec of Carim

Age: 30

Appearance: http://img10.deviantart.net/0066/i/2013/286/0/e/dark_souls__lautrec...

Bio: A knight from Carim and a devout of the goddess Fina. His love for Fina makes him a psychopath who doesn't care about other people and readily kills them after they served their purposes. After his exile from Carim, he started travelling to different lands, and happened upon the island of Berk.


Weapons: Twin Shotel and a dagger.

Personality: Quiet, unfriendly, sneaky, 

Skills: An adept swordsman. His thick armor protects against most damage.

This is cool but, we already have a villain and we won't be spending possibly any time at berk. We'll be at Dragon's Edge mostly and if the RP good fit long enough well be at our island named The Other Side (OS) that's our base.

You know its OK, and usually better, to have multiple villains, right?

Also, we could include his character, not as a villain but as a trainer. Maybe at some point in the rp he can attack them, thinking they are the enemy. But since swordsmanship is kinda lex's thing, as well as peace, she would stop the fight and convince him to stay and help them and convince everyone else to let him. Then Lex could also work with him on his mental health, since that's also an issue for her.

Of course, only if he can't be a villain

My bad, I didn't know there was other places other than Berk, lol.

I think that Lautrec could definitely stay at peace with them for a while if it suits the RP.

If you want to Lautrec can be with the dragon riders. That's fine with me. But it might be better for him to get a dragon then, or while we go fight dragon hunters he could help Trinket and the unowned speed stinger defend OS.

I think that maybe no one should own the speed stingers. And I like the name Zip. What do you think?

I'm sorry, Starlight, I don't think I will be active enough to participate in your roleplay.

I wish you the best of luck as this goes forward though!

Well I had an idea, what if your character is a dragon hunter? Working under Ryker? Then, it's not essential that you post but you could still play when you can get on.

That's fine with me! But you'll have to fill me in, who's Ryker?

He is one of the lead dragon hunters. His brother (who we will meet later) of the head of the dragon hunters.


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