I doth love the warm circles of heavenly gooey stuff that are called cookies!!!

ok, heres where you exaggerate the other person's sentences!!! example: joshua113: i love cookies. billy21: i doth love the warm circles of heavenly gooey stuff that are called cookies.

get it? ok, i shall start: 

pizza is made with cheese and sauce.

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doth love pizza thats super gooey and messy!
prefer the itallian dish filled with everything

That is not a compete sentence.

i is understood. my sentece still stands

how i yearn for a fluffy feline of my own!


i think so

yes. that is great. a perfect example, Blade.

yay! thank you!



Do not enter my room.

Ye shalt not embark to set forth into my personal domain


I wonder why the earth is round

tis quite perplexing to ponder over the reasons for why the world be of a sphere.


Write a 300 word essay.


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