What do YOU want to see in the Miller's books?

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I know this hasn't to do with the book, but what about an HB video game?
I dunno.  I mean, it sounds cool, but what would it have that star wars video games don't?  Different bad guys, but that's all i can see.
i like the mmo idea the book has a good base for that
what be mmo?
ya, but video games are EXTREMELY expensive to make! I don't think HB has the budget. :-(
Unfortunately...but they mentioned having someone offer them a deal on a movie. I think they should talk to Vision Forum publishers...they make tons of low budget good movies.
Now a movie could be cool
I want to see a Hunter Brown movie so I hope that is in the future (near future would be great).
Only if I starred in it;) Totally Joking...then again
You can make your our home video movie. XD
Yah, with a budget of...oh I remember $0


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