hello im new to this site i just reread the code bearers series and found this website. my role-play experience might be different so can you teach me your ways.. (xD) 

anyways im so exited to get started i know this site is not as lively but, the people are and thats what matters ok? bye.

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lol she's on like page 58 of 508

I literally have a nine season structure for this series that could be made longer or shorter depending on adaption.

Lots of renaming will likely happen to become more serious but

S1: The Legendary School of Power

S2: An Ever Changing World

S3: Fate

S4: The Third Generation

S5: TTG Sequel

S6: TTG Sequel

S7: Next

S8: When the World Falls


Season Nine is blank because idk if there's going to be another RPG or if there even is story. If anything WtWF could be broken into two seasons. Well maybe not be several of these could be broken up into multiple seasons depending on the adaption. I mean there could just end up being 22 hour long episodes of pure story. It's still far off from happening.

Dang that is so cool!

ello! :3


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