I just recieved the book for Christmas and figured Eh...why not;) I'm not too far in it yet, but I look foreward to discussing

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I haven't read Inkheart, but I enjoyed the movie
I'm actually in the middle of Inkspell (the second one) right now. It isn't a favorite, but it's pretty good. The only annoying thing is that the author switches POVs so much and makes only one or two of those really interesting. So your reading about someone intently and then you get switched to some boring person for the next ten pages, it gets really annoying. Especially if you only have a limited amount of time to read.
BUmmer. I'm about half way into the first. What are POVs?
Point of View.
awwww...yeah, that could get quite irritating.

I read all three books.  They're so..... good!  Except for the bad language...

The books are so interesting, the way they were written.  The Author was German, and a fan of hers wanted her to translate the books in English, so they did, and it became popular.

I enjoyed these books tremendously.  The POV thing also bothered me a bit, mostly because every time I'd get used to the point of view I was in and getting more and more interested in the character I was following, the book would quite suddenly switch to another character, and I'd have to get used to it all over again.  Other than that, these were amazing books in my opinion.


(Yep, I'm new here.)

Hey new person!  Hope you enjoy our many discussions here.
Yeah...but different countries mean different writing styles...dunno if tha has anything vaguely to do with it...but yeah
I think the writer was using it as a way of keeping up the suspense, which is all well and good, if you do the switches every three or four chapters, not each one.  And in the second book there are three or four different parties she's following, so you'd switch from one, another in the next chapter, then another in the next, and yet another in the next, and then you finally get back to first one to begin the cycle all over again.  It really gets on my nerves.  But not enough for me to stop reading the books.
Isn't there 2 others called Inklife and Inkdeath?
Inkdeath is the third one, but the second is Inkspell.  I'm someplace in the middle of that one...


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