I just recieved the book for Christmas and figured Eh...why not;) I'm not too far in it yet, but I look foreward to discussing

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Right. Inkspell didn't sound right.
inkheart, then inkspell, then inkdeath
I'm reaching the end of Inkspell and have to say that Corneilia  Funke never seems to really understand her characters, bacause their personalities are constantly changing...I also don't like the romances she made up....also her ideas on books seem by far too extreme for me. I love books a lot, but they are material things, not gods.
Besides, there are no lols.
We got a copy last month. Trying to read it. I'm like 5 chapters in, but I dont' find it very interesting so far. It's a little inconsistant. First, she says she taught herself to read and then she says her dad did.
i have read all three books
I noticed that too Blade, I've decided not to waste my time w/ #3, I got the first as a gift, so I thought I would read it and not be rude. But I totally get it, she just wrote a book about books and threw some people in it who are as inconsistent as my and my sister's Barbie games we played as 3 year olds

I love the books...Dustfinger is the awesomest character I've ever read about. I first watched the movie, then realized, "Hmm. Sounds familiar."
Turns out I had started listening to Inkheart on cd a few years back, and hadn't gotten very far. After I realized THAT, I ordered the first book from the library, read it all the way through. I loved it. Then I got the second book. Loved it. Got the third. Loved it.

All in all, I enjoyed them immensely. Mostly because of Dustfinger. XD

It's kind of cool that the writing style makes sense And sounds beautiful after they translated it from German to English(usually, there are different wordings/meanings for different words, and different phrases for other phrases, and so on).  The books were first written in German.


And yesss Dustfinger is my favorite too!

Me too! I've heard the books were good, but I've never read them, and have never heard a Christian based review.
The first one is good.  I enjoyed it.  Christian based, there is no sexual junk, the violence is rare and in between and it isn't graphic (if I remember correctly), and there is a minimal amount of swearing.  Only one character really swears.  Other content wise, well, it's a fantasy book, non-Christian.  She uses magic, there are faerie folk and a few ghosty people.  Well, actually, the ghosty people might be in the second book....I kinda think they are...  Anyway, I don't think there's anything theologically debatable from a Christian standpoint in there, so long as you like the fantasy magic stuff.  So...yeah...there's my Christian review. ;P  As for the second and third books....they're just depressing...
But is it dark magic, like in Harry Potter?


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