I just recieved the book for Christmas and figured Eh...why not;) I'm not too far in it yet, but I look foreward to discussing

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Naw, not like Harry.  They don't really use magic much, it's just like a magical land.  More like Narnia.

It's really lame...I didn't like it at all. She like treated books like they were gods to the lamest degree. I don't reccomend

I agree with Lexi that Funke tended to treat books like they were gods, and that occasionally became distracting and even annoying, but I still enjoyed the books immensely. There are inconsistencies with the characters, but yeah, I still loved it. And Dustfinger. I really liked Dustfinger.

Hehe, hey Ari, you should go back a page and read my Christian review of the books. I found it slightly humorous. XP

I read it before I posted.

I didn't see the movie until after I had read the books. It was all right, but I think I would have really liked it if I watched it before reading the series.  I like Brendan Fraser a lot, so I was stoked when I found out he played Mortimer.


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