Hello fellow Codebearers. Yes, well, I've been technically a member of this site for several years now, I guess, but have mainly just hovered around on it for new Codebearer info and never really gotten involved.

I'm Jenth here on the site, a geek/nerd, ginger, and I also have dyslexia, but have mostly conquered my disability (although I still can't spell real well). I was saved at age four, and I like to read, write, draw, and do anything techy or involves design.

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Nice intro. So you a ginger, huh? Bet the Doctor would love to have you as a companion. :P

I'm glad you've been able to conquer your disability.

Your profile picture…so familiar…I almost swear I know where that is…

It's probably a screen saver on your computer or something. Back when I made my account, I didn't have time to look for a really good picture, so I just googled "waterfalls" and found it. I get that feeling too with some pictures.

Actually, the reason it's familiar is because I took a picture myself that looks very similar. Not an exact match though…

woah, dude cool. I was gonna say...that's slightly creepy! My brothers took one like it once too when we went on a trip to canada. lots of cool things there.


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