Hey howdy to everyone -


I'm Tim  - into Christian Games.


I've had the pleasure of meeting Chris but I'm wondering if Allan isn't a figment of Chris' imagination .. never seen him in person! ;-)  All the pictures, perhaps that is a stand-in actor or photoshop? ;-)


I pray that God continues to bless you with success - He has obviously granted you both with tremendous talent.

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I've seen both inperson, plus Allan appears on the online chats:)...Hello:) Good to see a new face.
Yup, Allan is real. Or he could just be a cleverly constructed robot... Anyway! Welcome to the site.

Maybe Allan is a character from one of the books brought to life.

Welcome to the site Tim.

Thank you all for the warm reception!


Yes, I think he is a 3D Model come to life ... perhaps Chris plugged the Mo Cap in backwards??

Or perhaps he is the clever work of the shadow...Fear the hologram.




If C(hris) equals H(ologram)


And H(ologram) equals L(ight)


Chris is bad cause as Boojum says...



Greetings C-Rae!
Hi! Welcome! Maybe Allan is a paid actor???? Lol
LOL!  That is a possibility! :)
Hello, Tim! Welcome to insanity. *dramatic music plays*

Btw, I've seen Allan and Chris in real life, so I'm pretty darn sure they both exist! XD
HA!  That's what they want you to think!


Here, let me alter that last statement.  That's what you want you to think!


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