Hey howdy to everyone -


I'm Tim  - into Christian Games.


I've had the pleasure of meeting Chris but I'm wondering if Allan isn't a figment of Chris' imagination .. never seen him in person! ;-)  All the pictures, perhaps that is a stand-in actor or photoshop? ;-)


I pray that God continues to bless you with success - He has obviously granted you both with tremendous talent.

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You don't make any sense, Mr. Shiny.
...I make plenty of sense.
Fine, you do. You make the most sense of everyone on this site! *bows*
I also argue the most.
No you DON'T I do!
Nu UH!
Here we go again...
Actually, we're going over there this time.
There we go again...
That's better.
My wish is your command, O King. *bows*
That's even better!


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