Everyone. I need your help. There may be a Lego Hunter Brown set going up on Lego Ideas. Just google Lego ideas if you dont know what it is. You need a Lego ID to do this. If the set pops up on Lego ideas under the User khh1235, you have to support it. It needs 10,000 supporters, so we need every codebearer to support this. We may get a lego Hunter brown set.

P.S. This set will be called Battle of Dolor. .

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This sounds a little strange but I'll try.

Dude, post the link to the page.

There is no page yet. The user said on the lego messageboards that it will be up by next week if it is going up at all. I will post the link when it comes up.

This is gonna be AWESOME!!!

IF lego even lets it into lego Ideas. They are picky about what goes into the website.

 I'm gonna make sure Cypher knows and then see if he'll let me get my lego account. :)

Its in people. I repeat, It is in. I will post the link. Its got 2 suporters already!

LEGO Ideas - Lego Hunter Brown: Battle of Dolor


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