Some called it the end. Others, the beginning. Either way, it didn’t stop the attacks. It’s been years since the first attack on US shores but it certainly was not the last. The first attack hit Los Angeles in the summer of 2029. There was no warning. China had struck the US causing country wide panic. The US returned fire as China declared war. But they underestimated the Chinese’s government’s power or their allies. The UN quickly backed the US hoping not to have a huge war on their hands but their hopes were in vain. The governments of the world were clashed in the biggest World War the Earth had ever seen. The third world countries quickly fell in the crossfire. Those that are left, have been left in ruins from bombings and battles devouring the country side.

 The whole world was engulfed in war. After years, people started to forget why the War had started. All they knew is that they were fighting and they couldn’t stop. Technology has progressed into weapons and the rest of the world has started deteriorating. Cell towers and the internet were knocked down causing people to resort to antique uses of communication such as radios and the now expensive messenger.  Allies started turning on each other.  Boundaries between countries started to fade and 4 major powers emerged. The red are Potenz. The green is Imperium. Yellow is Yetkili. Blue is Poderoso. Each strives to conquer the others and control the Earth.

Potenz loves its air raids. It bombs areas of great power, food supplies, or largely populated areas trying to cripple its opponent. They have the other branches but they love their air force the most. They entice their countrymen to join by enticing them with better lives for their families and for them once they have reached the limited age of 60. But that doesn't stop the drafters. Those who don’t pass the physical become farmers or work at the factories for clothing and artillery. The good stuff is saved for those enlisted while the stuff of less quality is distributed to the public.

Imperium is nearly the same as Potenz except it likes its navy the most. The flotillas it possesses are immense.

Poderoso is a poor empire. They can’t promise the families better lives and more often than not have to force the men into service, whether it be military or working to fashion the needs of the military, leaving the families to fend for themselves. The wives take jobswhere they can to support their children while the children scavenge for food. The only exception is if the family was lucky enough to come into command. Those children are instructed by a tutor and raised to become Generals which is normally inherited like a royalty position except on a few occasions. Some parents send their children away to farms so they can have a somewhat better life.

Yetkili is the richest of all the empires. They take the smartest out of the children at a young age and send them into advanced learning. Some get sent to apprentice at farms. The rest they send into extreme training. This all starts at 12. They are disciplined and few escape from this fate.

War isn’t always the best on people’s minds. Some people started going mad with war and started to become ferocious. They form packs and attack travelers, peaceful or large military groups. These groups create crude bombs and steal the weapons of those they attack.

 But now, 200 years after the start, there is a group. A small group that wants the war to end. They have one purpose. To keep the existence of a civilized human race at any cost. They’ve heard tale of a land that is free from the turmoil of the War deep under the sea. This may be the human race’s only way of survival, but they have to get there first. It’s either that or find a way to end WWIII. This group is called.... The Survivors.

 But not everyone is so sympathetic to their cause. Along the way, they'll face obstacles in the way of their quest. 


-No God Moding. These characters are able to die and can get hurt. And they can’t know everything. It’s unfair to other players and makes it less fun to play. Basically be realistic.

-Third person posting. Example: Margaret ran down the stairs. She was running out of energy.

-No cursing or swearing. You can say the character cursed but don’t ACTUALLY TYPE THE WORD.

- You can have up to 7 characters with profiles. This does not include the extra people that we use to fill in.

- please ask before joining Sometimes there might be too many people already or we might be at a point that we can’t incorporate another person in. Also profiles must be cleared by me.

- please be considerate of other players. Don’t use their characters without permission and don’t ignore their posts on purpose unless you can’t post in a way to involve them in it. Also just be nice to one another.

- Last one. When talking out of character please use italics or if you’re on mobile, (use parentheses.)



Name: First and last

Age: 10-50

Gender: male or female

Appearance: A real person preferably, try to find one that is not cartoon

Bio: The person’s backstory

country of Origin: people CAN be from the same country

Other: optional. Things that won’t fit in the bio.



We start on June 18th, 2229. Just so we have no confusion.

My Characters


Name: Aileen McKinley

Age: 20

Gender: female


Bio: Aileen’s father was drafted before she was born. He died six years later. The closest thing she had to a father was her neighbor, Greggory Sanders. He was a veteran of the War from Imperium's Air force. He had managed to survive and fight until he lost his leg at the age of 45. Aileen’s mother left her with Greggory when she enlisted. Aileen was only 10. Greggory had protected her from the air raids and the wild men that lived outside of town. The area where they lived had a mix of Irish and British descent so she has a mix of those two accents.Greggory had trained her in self-defense and how to shoot a gun and bow. He had heard stories while enlisted about a group where a person could be safe. When Aileen received word, Aileen at the age of 17 that her mother died in battle, he decided that it was time to find this group to keep Aileen safe. Unfortunately he didn’t make it. She ventured on by herself and six months after setting out, she followed the whispers across Imperium, Yetkili, and Poderoso, she found group that call themselves The Survivors. She had had to escape mad men, drafters, bombers, and raging battlefields but she made it safely. She has been a part of their rankings for 3 years. She hopes that she can honor Greggory by surviving.

Area of Origin: Imperium

Other: Although living in a war stricken area, Aileen can bring hope to a room. Deep inside though, she wonders if this place is real or if she’ll live to see the age of 25.

Name: Johnathon “J” Samuels

Age: 33

Gender: Male


Bio: Johnathon was raised in the area of Southern United States ancestry. He lived just outside the ruins and slightly rebuilt Dallas, which was renamed Franklin after one of the first Generals from the beginning of the war. Johnathon’s mother was a spy from Imperium- from the cold north- that fell in love with a Soldier from Potenz, from the southern part of Potenz. They both deserted, changed their names to Tris and George Samuels, and moved to a small farm as hired labor. There they and Johnathon lived until they were caught by Potenz soldiers. Johnathon was 15. He had no idea about their past until all this occurred. Johnathon was sent into boot camp and after a year of public trials, he was forced to watch his mother and father publicly executed for charges of desertion and treason. His mother also for being a spy. He was persecuted throughout his training by the other trainees for his parents’ desertion. He was isolated but it didn’t damper his kind heart. At the age of 18 he was sent deep into the heart of Yetkili for 5 years. There they didn’t know about his family’s reputation so he finally made some friends. Three days before he was going to be sent off for leave with a few of his friends, his camp was attacked. He helped ten wounded friends out to safety before he was wounded by a grenade. His lung was pierced by shrapnel, and his right shin was shattered. The Potenz army was able to fight off the Yetkili and the wounded were shipped to a MASH unit. He was saved but his leg healed improperly and he was sent home. He is able to walk but it slowed him down and gave him a slight limp. In the veteran’s hospital where he spent a year in recovery he heard of The Survivors. It took him two years travelling all four empires, under different aliases being smuggled over borders. At 27, he found the Survivors and has been with them ever since.

Area of Origin: Potenz

Other: Johnathon was able to finish his high school career and has a knowledge of agriculture from his years on the farm. He also has that southern twang to his voice.

Name: Aiden Reid

Age: 60

Gender: Male


Bio: Aiden had his first real experience with war at the age of 5. His town was bombed and his family’s home by the Pacific Ocean was destroyed. His mother and two sisters, one younger and one slightly older, all died in the fire. He had never met his father but he had always been told he was an amazing general who died protecting his men from the evil Yetkili. His older brother had followed in his footsteps and was a colonel. He sent Aiden to live with their aunt and was there until he turned 18 when he joined the army. He was top of his class and sent to advanced training where they were taught strategic planning. Here he had access to records and the films of different attacks. He had been alright not knowing details about his father’s death until now where he could actually see everything. Curiosity overtook him and one night after lights out he found the video of the attack. What he saw horrified him. His father was not the man he thought he was. He had initiated the attack. He had seen the odds and took it as a challenge. When Aiden approached his brother about this he saw the same look in his brother’s eyes as he had seen in his father’s in the video. The madness. He immediately got out of the academy. At 25 he set out on his own. He lived in each of the Empires for at least five years at a time and met others of him that wanted to escape the madness of war. He realized what he was needed. That’s how the survivors came to be. By 30, there was 15 members in the survivors. He had gained relations with specific powers in each empire’s government. Through these relations he settled the group down on an abandoned island. They have been growing on there for 25 years.

Country of Origin: Poderoso

Other: He's very open about his life and is always willing to talk to anyone who needs helps.

Your Characters


Name: Justin Amien (Ah-Me-In)

Age: 27

Gender: Male


Justin Hopwood

Bio: Justin Amien was born in Cape Town, South Africa Terr and his family was in a group of gypsies that traveled around through the different territories and his family finally settled down in the U.S. Territory after his family felt safe in the central part of the territory when he was 16.  He was 17 when he met his future wife, Eleanor, and they became good friends while the war was raging.  They got married when they were 22 and started searching for a group he remembered hearing about while traveling called The Survivors.  Justin and Ella have been with the group for less then a year.

Area of Origin: Poderoso

Other: Justin is a trained marksmen and is very skilled with long-range rifles and other high-caliber weapons.

Name: Eleanor Amien (Ah-Me-In)(Nickname: Ella)

Age: 27

Gender: Female


Mara Davi blue bloods

Bio: Eleanor Amien, born Eleanor Keeding, was born in the U.S. Territory in Nebraska and met her future husband Justin when she was 17 years old.  After finishing High School Ella went straight to Med school.  She was able to complete Medical School in 7 years which let her finish at the age of 25.  After graduating her and Justin set off to find The Survivors. Ella and Justin have been with the group for less then a year.

Area of Origin: Potenz

Other: Eleanor has training and a large base of knowledge in the field of medicine.  She also is extremely patient and can stay on a concentrated task for hours if needed.

Name: Grant Reiliech

Age: 47

Gender: Male


Bio: Grant was born in the New Zealand territory in the relatively untouched town of Wellington which has stayed out of the bombing radius of the other territories.  Grant has always had an obsession with building and the inner working of eve

rything and he found himself dismantling pretty much everything he could get his hands on.  That curiosity brought him to engineering school in Wellington.  The classes in Engineering school were mainly military focused but Grant found books regarding irrigation systems, water utilities, electrical and building schematics so he soaked as much knowledge into his brain as he could fit.  At his graduation, which he graduated at the top of his class, recruiters were there and he was brought to work for the military making designs for bridges, camps, and everything the military found him useful for.  While he was at a military camp at the Yetkilli-Imperium border he witnessed as a general ordered a company of soldiers to certain death to destroy a heavily protected cache of weapons that was lost when the Imperium made an advance and forced the Yetkilli men back.  When the only 3 survivors of the attack returned they were executed because they deserted the battle and did not complete the mission.  So Grant decided to get out while he could and escaped from the base the night after the execution and had been traveling for 5 years before he met a scavenging party of The Survivors and after talking for an entire night they brought him to the island at the end of the scavenging mission.  And at the age of 36 he joined The Survivors and has been with them ever since helping them fix the water situation and planning the irrigation system for the farm they are starting to build.

Country of Origin: Yetkilli

Other: Grant is highly qualified in many different engineering fields and is still learning in more fields from scavengers who bring back any engineering-related book they can find.

Name: Sofia Azarov (София Азаров)

Age: 29

Gender: Female


Bio: Sofia was born in the former country of Russia to a prosperous family and was able to stay relatively protected from the war but her brother that was 2 years older than her was taken into advanced training. Sofia was homeschooled by her grandmother due to the school she would have gone to was in the radius of important buildings. Her grandmother taught her English, Serbian and Bulgarian and her mother, that was born in former Poland and was fluent in 3 languages, taught Sofia Czech, German and Polish. Although she knew 7 languages in total she was fluent in Russian, English and Polish and is able to understand the other languages but not fluently speak or write them. When Sofia turned 13 she started to become interested in diplomacy and her grandmother taught her how to be a diplomat and how to act in certain situations. At the age of 17 Sofia's brother came home from the war wounded from an bombing run at the base where he was stationed. On the 5th night he was home, Sofia heard him yelling and screaming so she ran to his room and her brother started to attack her upon arrival and gave her a black eye and 3 cracked ribs before he came to his senses. The next morning a doctor prescribed her brother with PTSD from the war. That was when she became avid on stopping the war, she didn't want any other parent or child to see their loved ones changed from a preventable war.

When she turned 21 she started traveling to the main governments of the 4 nations speaking in front of the officials (with not much success) but found more like-minded people and for 8 years she made her way around the nations speaking in front of any high-ranking official who would listen to her cause and 8 years later she found another person in Yetkilli who she found out that he knew The Survivors' leader and she stayed with him to learn from him and assist him with anything he needed help with.

Country of Origin: Yetkilli

Other: Sofia was trained by her father with knives and has taught herself concealment with the knives.


Name: Kerrie Ford

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Bio: Kerrie was born on a small farm in Queensland, Australia. But when she was six years old both her parents joined the army, leaving her to live with her grandmother. Kerrie's mother faught for three long years before she was sent home because of an illness, but a few months after Kerrie's eleventh birthday she died. Kerrie felt the loss of her mother deeply, although she did her best not to show it. So for the next few years she and her grandmother lived together without anything exciting happening, just the usual long that this war would end. Then, five days before her fourteenth birthday Kerrie's father came home. He had been shot in the foot and was unable to serve anymore. But her father was very different now. He never talked about the war ending soon as he used to, instead he talked about going to find a secret group called the Survivors. About six months after coming back home he desided to go find this group. He took Kerrie with him. They traveled through many different countries, following the tales of this group here and there. After three and a half years of searching, she finally found them. But her father had died a long the way. She has now been with them for almost two months, but she tends to keep to herself.

Country of Origin: Yetkili

Other: Her father taught her to use all different kinds of wepons and also man-to-man combat


Name: Sara Nova

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Bio: Sara moved into a remote area with her family when she was 11. Her parents were skilled ninjas and had moved there to keep Sara from having to go to intense training. They were found by the Yetkili army when she was 12 and her parents were taken into custody. She ended up being sent to a farm where she worked for only six months, but while she was there she heard rumors about a group of people called the survivors. She ran away from the to find these survivors in hopes that she could help and the war and find out what happened to her family. Sara has been with the survivors for a little more than a year.

Country of Origin: Yetkili

Other: She is stealthy and a has some knowledge of hand to hand combat. She is best with dual katanas and shurikens. Sara also has twin brothers whom she has not seen for more than five years.

Name: Andy Nova
Age: 17
Gender: male

Bio: When Andy was twelve he was taken from his family and put into intense training with his twin brother. There they made friends and became skilled gunsmen. Andy longed to go home and did whatever he could just to hear news about his family. When he was sixteen he heard that his parents had been taken into custody and his little sister disappeared. Kyle was the only family he had left this made him more protective of his brother than he already was. When he was 17 they took a "field trip" to a outpost where there had been no action. They were attacked and most everyone was killed. After seeing this he didn't want to risk getting his little brother hurt so they desserted. They've been on the run since.
country of Origin: Yetkili
Other: Andy and Kyle do well in tight situations. They stand back to back and take down whatever problem comes their way

Name: Kyle Nova

Age: 17

Gender: male


Bio: Kyle was 12 when he and his older brother were taking to intense training. He was shyer than his brother and it took him longer to get comfortable there. One day Andy started acting weird and told him he wanted to know where he was at all times. Kyle just thought it was just Andy being Andy so he ignored it. They went on a "field trip" shortly after they turned 17 and nearly were killed. His brother told him they were going to dessert.
and he followed. Soon after that Andy told him about their family. They were on the run now no family and no where to go.
country of Origin: Yetkili
Other: optional.  Kyle and Andy do well in tight situations. They stand back to back and take down whatever problem comes their way

The Destroyer of Worlds

Name:  Cerise Rivers

Age: 18

Gender: female

Bio:  Cerise lived in southern Africa with her older brother and younger sister. Her brother was a master gunsmen. And he was set on teaching his sisters everything he knew.  During his "training" session he would often talk about a group called the Survivors, and that one day he join them and help end this war. When Cerise turned 14 her brother was forced to joined the army and left them with their Aunt. Their Aunt was a doctor so she taught the girls the basics so they could help her out around her "hospital". Shortly after Cerise turned 16  they got a message saying that her brother had been killed. Cerise couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it. A week or two later Cerise's Aunt sent her to deliver some medicine to a friend in the next town. She hoped that if Cerise got out of the house for awhile she would feel better.  It took Cerise a day to walk to her destination, she stayed the night and walked back. As she walked up the hill the to the house, a neighbor came running up to her. The women was in tears, she wrapped her arms around Cerise and started crying harder. She was crying so much that all Cerise could understood was house and fire. Once she hear "FIRE" she took off running towards the house, tears forming in her eyes. She started calling to her Aunt and sister. She topped the hill she saw the remains of her home.  She started frantically looking around for her sister or her Aunt, then another neighbor approached her. He put his hand on her shoulder and she knew what came next. He didn't know how the fire got started but he said that her Aunt and sister were inside when the roof fell in. Cerise dropped to her knees  and fell apart. Weeks afterward Cerise pulled herself together. She decided she was going to do what her brother didn't get to. She was going to find the Survivors.   And now she has been with them for about two months.

Country of Origin: Poderoso

Other:  Cerise is good with just about any gun and has some knowledge of medicine. And while she was searching for the Survivors she learned hand to hand combat. 


Name: Graham Turner

Age: 22

Gender: Male


Bio: Graham was raised away from the war. His parents left Imperium shortly after Graham was born. Being raised away from the war, made Graham want to join it that much more. He ran away from his parents and back to Imperium to join the war. After a couple months of fighting, his battalion was hit hard. Graham was left for dead. It wasn’t long until a stranger offered to take care of Graham. The catch was that Graham would have to leave the Imperium military. From that point forwards, Graham was a member of The Survivors.

Country of Origin: Imperium

Name: Thomas Patel

Age: 39

Gender: Male


Bio: Like most children in Yetkili, Thomas was trained and breed for war. Thomas’s father was second in command to one of the more powerful generals in the Yetkili military. His mother on the other hand held a role of significant power in Yetkili’s government. After only a few years of war, Thomas had proven himself to be more gutsy than the generals in charge of him. It wasn’t long before Thomas himself earned the rank of general. With this new position, Thomas was able to complete more military feats on the battlefield. As a general, Thomas had power. Power that others wanted. A criminal organization in Yetkili framed Thomas for the death of two other generals. The Yetkili government was going to imprison or kill him. Thomas’s mother however had other ideas. She contacted somebody that would make Thomas disappear quickly. This somebody was the leader of the Survivors. Thomas was reluctant to join at first but given the alternative, he didn’t have much of a choice.

Country of Origin: Yetkili

Other: Has a good sense of right and wrong, but is more than willing to do the wrong thing if it is necessary.

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"I'm having a blast." Aiden replied. "My contact should be here soon." 

Aileen giggled. "Softy," she whispered.

"You know far too many people, Aiden." Thomas replied.

"Sometimes." Graham whispered back.

"Comes with the territory." Aiden retorted. He scanned the area. 

Aileen caressed his cheek with a smile. "Yeah, sometimes."

"You're telling me." Thomas responded. "Though not so much after what went down."

Graham smiled and moved a lock of Alieen's hair out of her face.

J cleared his throat, sitting across the truck from Aileen and Graham. "You two do know there are others here, right?" 

"You're telling me," Aiden said. 

Grant went to go stand by with Aiden and Thomas and listen to their conversation.

The guards started to close the gate but left enough space for a small SUV to pass through.

Sofia was running through thoughts and concerns as she sat in the passenger seat of a Jeep as they drove quickly towards the Cathedral.

"We're here now aren't we?" Graham retorted. "Go on and stretch your legs you old grump."

"Who's your contact?" Thomas asked.

"Her name is Sophia. I met her years ago when I went on a diplomatic mission." Aiden explained.

J laughed. "Have fun you two," J said, leaving the back of the truck, following the last remaining passenger off the back. They were immediately coraled to the side of the truck.

Aileen giggled. "I'm gonna guess he's not on the list."

"Eh. He has his moments." Graham replied.

"What kind of diplomatic mission are we talking here, Aiden?" Thomas joked.

"Calm down there, General. She's like a daughter to me. In fact if I had kids they'd be about her age by now." Aiden retorted.

"Im sure he does." Aileen laughed, touching the lock of hair Graham had tucked back.

Graham kissed Aileen's cheek.

Thomas noticed everyone had left the truck and were being rounded up and being kept back by guards. "Regardless she's taking her time getting here."

Aileen smiled. "I'm so glad I met you."

"I'm sure she'll be here soon." Aiden counted 20 guards surrounding the area.


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