Lets discuss James Paterson's 'Maximum Ride' series!

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Hmm. I think the last one I read was number 7. I think.
Max and Fang finally developed gills though.

That'd be the fourth book. 

Wow. I "dislike" Fang sooooo much it isn't even funny. The second last book, Angel, completely changes him. He's such a jerk.

Dylan all the way!

But that's just my opinion X)
Can't wait for the last book!
Who's Dylan??
And what did Angel do to Fang?!?
The name of the second last book is "Angel" XD

Dylan is the guy who was engineered for Max.
Ok I don't think I've read that book.
*phew* I'm not losing my mind
It's been I while since I read them.
Is Dylan the guy Max dated when they were living with whats her face
FBI person?

Uh no. You don't meet Dylan until like the sixth book...

Ohhhh. I remember now! I think. Was Dylan one of the guys on 
the Antartica mission???

Ryan: *facepalms* this is getting embarising.

Nope. XP

*blushes* uuhhhh. 

Luke: *snickers*
I've read the comics and liked those. 


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