I can't believe nobody has posted this discussion yet! 


Has anyone else read the first few chapters of Mech Mice? Anyone else done some research about Mech Mice? Who else has heard about the NEW MECH MICE GAME they are currently making?

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For those who don't know, Mech Mice is the new book series the Miller Bros are writing.
I heard about it, but not very much.
Which comes first Mech Mice game or HB game?
The Chicken! No, The Egg! Wait...what? Oooooooooh, idk, Mech Mice will be a few years.
I have no idea... =P
Mees wants toos sees saps ins dis game. :P


Wow, I thought more people would know about Mech Mice!
Game?  Who cares about that?  The book may be interesting though.
I care about that FYI. One of the creators of Club Penguin is working on it!
cant wait for the next chapter!


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