Anyone here a fan of the ZAG toon from France? On Disney channel everywhere else in the world except the USA?

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*tumbleweeds* Apparently not. Just you and me and D and maybe TTUG, but i dunno for sure bout him

*le sigh* Oh well.

nothing stopping us from nerding out tho. :D

Has the episode where Luka gets akumatized come out in english yet?

Not yet. Just the French one. We still waiting. Bakerix is supposed to be coming up in French soon.

And I bet Batrix will be in English before the other episode 

LOL that would happen because no one likes Luka.

Exactly XD 

I happen to like him as a character, but as for who I ship him with, if I were to ship anyone, it would probably be with Kagami. And you know my reasons for that (I can remind you if you have forgotten XD)

lol I haven't forgotten, but you may share them for sake of the thread. I think he might fit for Chloe. He's a sweet, mellow guy who could help an uptight girl loosen up a bit. So he could work for either Kagami or Chloe. He could also work for Marinette as a close friend and possibly a love interest as long as it's natural and not forced. Forced romance in a story sucks!!!!!!

Tell me about it. (Also, I agree wholeheartedly with you thoughts on Luka.) But moving on, do you agree they need to do more with developing Adrien's character. (He's literally like the perfect character whose only fault is being sheltered from the whole and trying to be rebellious by disobeying his dad (but his dad is being too controlling anyways so I don't fully count that)

I feel like they should, and they are to an extent. We see him being more outgoing as well as being out of the house more. He just doesn't have a rebellious bone in his body.

Also, why are we using a forum site for a conversation we could have over texts? XD

Lol idk. Just happened.


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