Hey everyone, so in case you have yet to hear, I am going on an 8 week (EEP!) mission trip this summer to (you guessed it the Philippines) and I just wanted to invite anyone who was interested to mine and my sister's blog of updates:)  We can use all the prayer support we can get, so I figured, since you guys are all amazing, you might be willing to offer some of that:)

Here is the link

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Don't feel bad, I'm very happy and at peace with the way it all ended up:) I have stuff here that needs to be done in preparation for college and the next school year, and I don't like leaving my mom to take care of the house by herself. My sister on the other hand, I know is having a blast (which is more than I can say assuredly for myself as something of an introvert.) Just pray now if y'all would that I accomplish all the stuff I need to get done. Without my sis here I have massive extra work, having to take care of my chores as well as hers. As well as these kids...

Will do!


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