Will the Miller Brothers make a 4th book?

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Nu uh!

Well that's to bad for you.


We'd best stop now.  Getting just a tad off topic.  Just a tad, mind you.

I'm very much hoping for another HB book. :D

Well, I don't need a bout just about Hunter as the main character but I would like him as a big side character. The Millers did such a good job of rapping up his story in book 3 that I don't need one. But I do want more Codebearers books for sure. Have you read book 3? My idea of how I want to see Hunter in the future will spoil the ending so I want to make sure you read it before I spill the beans.

a hunter brown movie in animation would be really cool!!!!!!!!
Yep! It would, I'd Perfure live action, but other Perfure animation too. So whatever it is I guess as long as they make one, lol


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