I want to start off by saying thank u for every thing I've done for everyone u didn't have to do this but u did and so u guys are amazing. But so what I want to say is I turned 13 on January 29 of this year I now its a couple months late but being thirteen my life is changing more and more every day and some times it gets really frustrating and this site is a place for me to escape to to just replace and share my opinions on my favorite books an d share those opinions with people who share the interests I do so thank u very much.

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You're welcome bro.

Just a side note, this goes in the open forum and please do not post the same thread four times

Happy late birthday! And I hate to break it to you, but it all goes down hill from there.

Happy belated birthday!

You're welcome and happy late birthday! :)

Happy late birthday 

I know whatcha mean. I turned thirteen last year. This site is where I spend a good deal of time. I can just have fun and not worry about all the things I have ta do.


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