There was a knock on the door.


"The messenger boy," said King Dynol.

"Yes," said the Queen Rhe. She opened the door, preparing for the worst.

"Gwandeyr has been invaded, sir."

"We... we are the last kingdom." said the king in disbelief, "How many survivors?"

"Less than a hundred. All women and children."

"Of course," said the queen.

"Put them someplace safe as well as everyone else in the kingdom." said the king, running his hand though his hair.

"What will we do?" asked the queen after the messenger was gone.

"Get allies."

"But... we're the last human kingdom on the continent!"

"Then we won't get human allies."

"Who do you propose?"



OK! This is a RPG about a Middle-Earth-like place. The evil creatures (orcs, trolls, goblins, etc.) have taken over all the kingdoms but one: Arwrllai. We need elves, humans of Arwrllai, evil creatures... you can do more. SOOOO, you know the rules... have at it!


I will be the princess :)


Name: Glasyw
Age: 18

Species: Human
Specializes in: Swordfighting
Description: White-blond hair, light skin, brown eyes, average-size.
Personality: Sweet, bossy, serious, stubborn.
Bio: Princess. Is angry at human pride and wished the other kingdoms had asked for allies before. She has been trained in swordfighting for a war like this. She hopes against hope that the elves will help them.

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"Our village does not beleive in Animal labor!" said a shocked Karen.

"you're talking to an outcast here. sometimes, you have to go against teh norm to survive. i know where a few wild stalions like to graze."
"Yes," interjected ALick "But they're wild, they haven't been Trained, do we really want to take the time to break them?"
"i didn't say they were all wild."

"I refuse to ride a horse, it's barbaric!" said Karen Crossing her arms. Alick leaned over and wispered in her ear... but Karen shook her head. "no"

"Well, i Will ride a horse, Karen says she will either run, or not go at all

"Oh, don't worry i do, with out even seeming to more, Karen Kicked, (gunnars's charictar,)
"Well, Are we going to get going... We don't have all day, well actually we do, but let's  get going anyway
"I'm going to sneak back into the village. i'll see yo back here, i need to grab... somethings."


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