Write about the person below you, and then they respond with "True" or "False".


Daniel: You eat candy on a daily basis

Mike: False. You love horses.

117: True. You can bake muffins blindfolded.

Get it? Okay, I'll start.

You can use the force.

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Depends, am I?

TPBM has played a game on a PS1

Yep. ^-^


TPBM will comment next.


TPBM is also above me.

True 'dat.

TPBM likes Marvel.


TPBM is excited about the remake of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy.

Fasle (I don't even know what that is haha)

TPBM has read the Codebearers trilogy...

True, though it has been a while since I have read them.

The person below me has written "TPBM" instead of "the person below me."

*quickly backspaces*

The person below me has to make their lunch for tomorrow because college food is uber pricey.

*exaggerated gasp* How did you know!?!?!

The person below me has a random craving for waffles

Yes...... *facedesk*

The person below me is actually part fae.

....huh....that would explain some things

The person below me will start working on writing projects again (not statistical writing projects. They don't count :p )


the person below me can't make me do anything


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