Anything you like really, pictures of things you like, don't like, are proud of, etc.

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Over the summer, since Codebearers was out and you can't go outside when you have Lyme disease(not fun. trust me.), I tried out a few things. what you think?
You have lyme disease?

not anymore. just over the summer. got bit by the right tick. it lasts a few weeks on treatment. not fun.

Had a kid on horseland make this for me. not bad huh? i kinda decked out my hl account with anything codebearerish


Really like depression.


hey, is that first one (in attachments) have lyrics of Casting Crowns "anybody hear her"?

oh, my pic didnt work

I drew some more pictures from the books a while back... I just colored one of them in today. I'll try to post them soon. :]

How do you get to pictures to show up as the picture, and not an attachment?
Click the Image button and browse for the picture. That's what I did.


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