We are rebel troopers, trying to hold off against the relentless Empire. This is before Episode 4. We need at least six players, but no more than ten. We are just regular troops, except for me who is the squad leader. Our job is to defend, attack, and protect.


How to make your profile:

Most of the people who have watched star wars know that most rebel troopers look the same. So, here's what you need to do:


Name: (first)

Age: (21-30)

Gender: (If you are a girl, you can have a female character)

Description: (you can describe your character, but if you want, you can find a pic for your person. Just don't do the same pic as someone else.

Rank: (soldier, captain) (only one captain)




1. No bad language

2. No controling other people's characters

3. No more than three weapons

4. Post at least once a day

5. HAVE FUN!!!


My character:

Name: Mykel

Age: 25

Gender: Male


Rank: Commander (leader)

Weapons: Blaster pistol and rifle

Eden's Character:

Name: Tyrin 

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Sorry to everyone else that was in this RPG, but you weren't keeping up.

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"Right, ... how do we do that?" Tyrin asked, it would be hard sneaking in but he had to try to have them surrender? One of the biggest bases, there must be thousands of troops in there. 

"It isn't as hard as you might think," Mykel said. "There is a maximum of 50 stormtroopers, and then maybe 10 guards. There aren't that many, but there is enough to keep this city under control. If we take this out, then we take the city, and if we take the city, then we take the planet, because this is the capital city. The stormtroopers might be a problem; they might rather die than let us take the planet. So if it comes to that, we will blow the place up, but we have to give them a chance."


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