The year is 3359, 1,000 years ago, the humans learned how to travel the stars. As humans traveled the majesty of the universe they hunted for signs of other intelligent life. After about 100 years of searching they found some. Three species the Jaylans the Sorbi and the Psiontelphyns. At first the four species had a peaceful relations and shared their knowledge are resources; however, not all humans wanted to keep this peace. The scientists of this faction had been running test on the aliens’ genetic material and discovered that with it they could create super humans (Spartans *cough*). The Jaylans, Sorbi and Psiontelphyns were horrified and retread into hiding in hopes of keeping the genetic material from causing a intergalactic war, but it was too late. The dark human faction had already created enough superhumans to over through the current human government and now all the human’s resources were set on locating the remaining members of the three species to exploit the genetics. But now a new alien species has appeared to the Jaylans, Sorbi and Psiontelphyns offering their support to destroy the new Human Galactic Union and live freely again. These new aliens made contact nine months ago, and a fleet of Eclondrian ships are soon to arrive. It’s time to hunt the hunters, it’s time to rebel.                                                                       




Species: Jaylans

Planet: Jayla

Appearance: Jaylans are sometimes described as 7-ft humans with short, thick fur covering the body. They either have lighter hair and darker fur, or darker hair and lighter fur. Their eyes are cat-like in appearance, their ears pointy like those of an elf, their teeth sharp and pointy, and their tongues longer than human tongues. Both male and female Jaylans have well-toned slender forms and thick, shoulder-length hair.

Description: Jaylan's are very graceful especially known for their insane strength, speed, and agility levels. It is rumored that their abilities lie in their blood, due to its healing traits. Thus the reason human scientists have been hunting them. There are only a few Jaylans left in the entire universe, and they live as refugees on different planets, due to their home planet of Jayla being ravaged for its medicinal natural resources.

Other: Jaylans are creatures of peace, though it takes them a long time to trust any human. 


Species: Sorbi

Planet: Kentos

Appearance: Often called fish men, even though they share no traits with fish. Are very tall and muscular, but instead of there upper arms being the largest part, there forearms are the bulkiest part of there arms, the same is true with there legs. On there forearms they have a sharp boney crest about an inch long that protrudes from the bottom of there forearms. They use these crests as weapons. they have a wide heel and two large toes with webbing in-between. They are blue though the hue differs between each one. They have two jaws in place of the human one and there forehead sticks out about a foot.

Description: The Sorbi are a war like people, they do not seek war but they enjoy fighting. Kentos is water covered except for a dusting of islands, each family owns a small group of them. They are few now because of being hunted for there bones, they are extremely strong and can be made into a cure for the weak bones that people get when they stay in space for long periods.

Other: Kentos is larger than Earth, so in Earth like conditions they are extremely strong.


Species Name: Eclondrias (Ecc-lawn-dree-ahhs)


Home Planet: Eclon.  A resource-filled planet.  Hilly terrain with technologically-advanced cities on plateaus with vast oceans and largely varied alien wildlife.  The planet is located far away from the human planet of Earth.

Abilities: Intelligent, Quick Thinking, Adaptable, and Strategic.

History: The Eclondria are a highly-intelligent race.  They have been watching over their neighboring planets and became a diplomatic race.  The Eclondrias made highly-advanced weaponry and space-faring vessels.  Eclondrias traveled far and wide, placing small unmanned scouting outposts that were able to scan an entire solar system that sent back basic reports of the area.  After 20 years of scouting, the outpost in the galaxy classified as Farn-23 which they found out to be called The Milky Way.  Recently, they found out that an extermination of other species was beginning and conducted by a species that they found were named humans and started sending supplies and weaponry to the other species in the galaxy.  Eclon became the launching site of a small band of highly-trained Eclondrias who decided to help in the war effort.  Eclon sent an Illidan Transport Ship with a full ship of war supplies and with a complement of 220 crew members and 80 military personnel.

Species: Psiontelphyns or Pisons

Planet: Ricordi. (often called the planet of memories as it’s known for stirring up the memories of people who visit it.) A peaceful sentient dwarf planet with a passive race/culture.

History: The planet Ricordi, once just a cloud of leftover space debris, became a sentient planet with many secrets. The planet, once a living super computer, created by an ancient civilization. When these ancients died out and the planet lost connection to their network it became self-aware and lost almost all of its memories of it’s creators. After a few millennia of being alone, the planet grew bored of its calculations and wanted company. Thus, creating the psiontelphyns or Pisons for short. These creatures made of pure psionic energy and half living tech are peaceful explores that love to learn (and take forever to mature); however, when threatened they can be very dangerous. These being form are a mixture of hard light and psionic energy. (The planet Ricordi with its race of Psiontelphyns is a very peaceful world full of enthusiasm and learning. So how did this peaceful populace get roped into such a large intergalactic war? This is there (abbreviated) story.) A team of human explorers were traveling into the farthest reaches of known space. In a small corner, they found a solar system with 3 plants one closest to the sun and one farthest from the sun were very barren with no signs of life. Yet the middle planet, Ricordi, had thriving vegetation and signs of life. When the researchers explored the surface of the planet they found numerous ancient ruins that appeared to be built by a highly-sophisticated race. It all seemed to have been abandoned for several millennia. While tests proved the buildings were ancient they were all like new despite being covered in the planet’s strange vegetation. Even with the diversity in the different forms of vegetation they had one thing in common, a crystal. The crystals were bioluminescent, but what really baffled the scientist was the strange mixture of reading omitted by crystals. The baffled scientists soon left to meet up with the rest of their team of scientists at the nearest star base to discuss their findings and obtain better equip for further study. Shortly after arriving at the station. It started having random malfunctions. After investigation they found a rogue scientist had brought back multiple crystals and was conducting experiments on them. Before they could apprehend him, he managed to crack one of the crystal discovering that it contained a living entity. Unfortunately by forcing the crystal to open he caused substantial damage to the entity and it soon died. Thankfully the rogue scientist was stopped before he could harm any of the other crystals, but he had managed to send off his evil research to his evil superiors detailing how these energy beings could help speed along their evil plot. They attempted to return the remaining crystals to the planet, but before they could the planet freaking showed up at the station! The planet had felt the death of one of its “children” and was now enraged. The planet in its rage destroyed the station and many of the ships attempting to flee. A few surviving scientist return the crystals to the planet and explained what had happened and tried to convince the planet and its inhabitants that not all humans are evil jerks. Now the planet Ricordi and its inhabitants are wanted by the rogues for their special enhancing energies.

Other:  Psiontelphyns do not normally use names. They can perceive each other’s psionic patterns so names are irrelevant, when they become involved with outsiders they will either pick a name or be given a name.  

  Appearance: The Psiontelphyns can control this energy allowing them to look like a typical humanoid, but their natural state is transparent allowing their energy (that is different for each one) to illuminate their surroundings.

Power/s: Psionics, their high level control over psychic energy allows them to mess with the psychic energy of others, illusions and limited telekinesis

Hard light generator, their ability to create simple hard light constructs (small melee weapons, handguns)

Living technology, being half organic and half technology allows them to think at the quantum level, and they can think even faster when on their home planet.

Regeneration crystal, every Psiontelphyns has a Regeneration crystal, these crystals allow the Psiontelphyns to recover from damage (whether it be from the environment or battle). While the crystals are extremely resilient they are not indestructible (the crystal have some defenses). Crystals are tuned to each individual being and cannot be shared. Crystals are normally stored within the Psiontelphyns artificial form. Replacement crystals can be obtained from Ricordi.

Eclondrian Weaponry

Avin Pistol: A pistol designed to be used as a sidearm.  The pistol took years of design and took inspiration from the human race in their old weapon designs for the Avin Pistol.  The pistol shoots plasma rounds and the regenerating magazine can hold 10 shots and reloads a shot every 10 seconds.

Cavator Assault Rifle: A plasma rifle designed to be used as a main weapon.  The rifle’s three regenerating magazines can hold 40 charges each for a total of 120 charges.  The Cavator is able to charge up a larger shot and use half of a magazine to have a bigger blast.  The Cavator also is able to rapidly fire.  The Assault Rifle magazines recharge at a rate of 20 charges every second.

Batale Sniper Rifle: A plasma rifle used by scouts for planetary missions to watch over other civilizations.  The Batale Rifle has a high-powered, smart scope which can assist the shooter to lead targets easily.  The scope can switch between infrared, thermal and magnifying.  The Sniper Rifle stores 10 focused plasma blasts.  Due to the focused blasts, the regenerating magazine can recharge one round every five seconds.

Daie Grenade: The primary grenade used by the Eclondrians.  The grenade’s charge can be incendiary, freezing or fragmentation.

                                                                     Eclonddrian Ships                                  

Illidan Transport Ship/Carrier: A ship designed for trade that can carry plenty of supplies, a full complement of Warden Ships and one Zavarra Squadron to protect itself.  The ship also has 10 turrets along the hull of the ship on each side.  In wartime, the Illidan is outfitted with ship holders and can carry an additional nine squadrons and two Devante Cruisers.  The Illidan ships are capable of inter-galactic travel.    Minimum Transport Crew: 220 crew members and 80 military personnel. Minimum Carrier Crew: 450 Military Personnel.

Warden Worker Ship: A ship designed to help the transport ship deliver materials.  The Warden is capable of inter-planetary travel and accompanies the Illidan Transport Ship to move around or transfer the supply crates.  Minimum Worker Crew: 2-3 crew members.

Zavarra Fighter: A ship designed for defense.  The Zavarra Fighter has 2 rotating plasma cannons on the wings and has two torpedo bays on the top arch of the ship.  The Zavarra ships are capable of inter-planetary travel.  Minimum Fighter Crew: 2-4 Pilots.  The Zavarra Fighter also has a small bay that can hold 6 soldiers.

Devante Cruiser: A ship designed for defense of high priority packages.  The ship is armed with 6 rotating plasma turrets (3 on top and 3 on bottom), and 4 missile bays that can fire a salvo of 5 missiles each.  The cruiser can carry a small load of supplies.  The Devante Ships are capable of inter-galactic travel.  Minimum Cruiser Crew: 160 military personnel.

NOTE:Think Halo for human guns and ships. 


1:Post in third person.

2:No cussing.

3:All OCC will be in italics or (parentheses).

4:Please keep OCC to a minimum.

5:You may have up to four characters.

6: Ask someone before doing something drastic to their character.

7:No god modding 


To join you must:

1:Ask me.

2:Create a character from one of the three species above (or it can be a human).

3:Post it on my page.

the profile should look like this.





Description:Please be detailed, picks are allowed.

Bio:A short history of your character.

Skills:Things your character is good at not related to species ability.

Other: Information that does not fit anywhere else.

NOTE: Don't think you have to be with the rebellion, if everyone choses that side the RPG will die quickly, and there can be humans with the rebels.


                                                               MY CHARACTERS

Name: Experiment Z-26


Species: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Is 5.8, he has dark brown hair with a hint of purple, his eyes are purple, and has slightly tan skin that is covered in scars.

Description: Not much is known about Z-26 before the tests, but most assume that he was a homeless beggar with nothing to loose. He was selected for tests that would enhance his strength and speed.The tests used crystals found on Jayla that the Jaylans used to make themselves faster and stronger for a short period of time. It worked, but with several unfortunate side affects. the first  being he went crazy, walking in a hunched over position most of the time, mindless giggling and other quirks. People who worked near him described it as "wrong" and "unearthly". Another effect was that he could grow crystals similar to the ones used in the tests anywhere on his body. This combined with a insane need to kill, the Union put Z-26 to use as an assassin. Over the years the police would occasionally find someone stabbed in an alley with crystal shards all around the body.



Species: Sorbi


Appearance:Is 6.9, his skin is dark blue with a white stripe down his back, has a metal band on his right leg.

Bio:Meshath was young and reckless when the hunting began. He and his family were hiding from the first wave of hunters when he tried to fight them. The hunters beat him down and took him and his family, he lived in captivity for three months before he escaped. Once he did he found a refuge where he lived until the Eclondrias made contact, wherein he took a leading role in the rebellion.

Other:When in captivity the guards put a metal band with a shock charge in it on his leg to keep him under control. When he escaped it was still on, he uses every spare minute trying to get it off.

Name: Nicolaus Wilson


Species: Human

Gender: Male


Image result for Halo spartan

His helmet is painted like a skull

Bio: Nicolaus grew up in a home that taught him to hate the other species that shared there galaxy. His father was a scientist working for the Human Galactic Union, he was cruel to his subjects and got killed for it. When Nick was eight a Jaylan his father was testing broke free killing him in the process. This only fueled Nick's hate for aliens, when he turned thirteen Nick the joined the Spartan program quickly rising through the ranks. Now as a colonel he is on a mission to destroy the species that he hates so much.

Other:He has a machete for close rang fighting.


                                                         YOUR CHARACTERS


Name: Orca


Species: Jaylan

Gender: Female

Description: Shoulder-length jet-black hair, usually braided. Snow-white fur. Eyes so dark they look black. 6 feet 6 inches tall (she hasn't grown to her full height yet, as she's still young).

Bio: Orca was orphaned when she was a child, due to humans murdering her parents for their blood. She barely escaped with her life, and has several scars on her back and sides from where the humans cut her with knives in her fight to get away.

Skills: Strength. Speed. Agility. Stealth. Hand-to-hand combat, both with and without blades.

Other: Despite her species' tendency to be peaceful, she is dark and moody and trusts no one. She desires to kill every human she can to avenge the death of her parents.

Name: Eden

Age: 24

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Description: Long blond hair, usually loose. Light skin. Blue eyes. 6 feet tall.

Bio: Eden was born to a couple of scientists, but ran away at a young age when she learned how cruel they were to aliens during experiments. She lived on the streets for a while, even though it wasn't the nicest lifestyle, figuring it was better than supporting cruel experiments. When she was sixteen, Eden became a sort of vigilante, and helped all the aliens she could.

Skills: Can use most any weapon she gets her hands on. Martial arts. Hand-to-hand combat both with and without knives. Parkour. Stealth. Spying. Making herself look like a completely different person. Acting.

Other: Eden sometimes goes along with scientists and soldiers, and rescues as many aliens as she can.


Name: Aelo

Age: 40

Species: Jaylan

Gender: Male

Description: Light brown fur, dark brown hair, wears a large suit of armor

Bio: After humans killed his family and chased him and the remaining Jaylans into hiding, Aelo decided that he wouldn't be a victim of human cruelty. He set out on his own and hid himself, killing and collecting from anyone who attempted to capture him. After years of hiding, he feels that his skills will finally be put to good use in the rebellion.

Skills: Extremely strong and fast, wields two CAR's


Name: Mistress Evaliea Capacle

Age: 153 (Average life-span: 328)

Species: Eclondrian

Gender: Female


Bio: Evaliea Capacle was born on Eclon to her Father, Bactove Capacle who was a Zoko (General), and her Mother, Baleia Capacle who was a Manjavi (Doctor).  Evaliea committed herself to diplomacy but had learned and is very knowledgeable in war strategies.  Evaliea worked her way up the political ladder to become a top official in the Eclon Government.  Evaliea was in charge of the observation efforts from the unmanned probes and when the humans started the mass genocide of other species, Evaliea went made her case in front of the Eclon Government’s leaders and convinced them to assist the victims of the genocide with diplomatic aid then military aid.  When the Illidan-Class Carrier Parca was preparing for their mission, Mistress Capacle decided to join them and -due to her status- was on-par with the Captain of the Parca in rank.

Skills: Diplomacy, Military Theory, Strategy.

Other: Evaliea is well-known in the Eclon Government and holds a lot of sway.  She is also the leader of the Eclon Military Aid.

Name: Elliot McDonald

Age: 24

Species: Human

Gender: Male


Bio: Elliot McDonald, who goes by Eli, was born on Earth and was trained from an early age to become a scientist.  Eli got multiple degrees in Advanced Biology and Advanced Augmentation which got him recruited by the Human Galactic Union.  Elliot became one of the lead field researchers and has been on many field missions that have captured Jaylans and Sorbies.  Elliot was trained that the aliens don’t feel anything and he only worked on dead subjects so there was nothing to contradict his training.  Elliot is also proficient with assault rifles and pistols which was part of the field training.

Skills: Medical Expertise, Simple Ranged Weapon Proficiency,

Other: Elliot works for the Human Galactic Union as a Field Scientist.

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