To all our members -

After debating the issue for some time, the decision has finally been made to remove the "Inbox" feature (aka "private messages") from the Codebearers website. You will no longer see that option on your profile page.

Our goal is to have be a safe place for every fan of the Codebearers Series to be able to come online, learn about the books, get exclusive content, and interact with other fans. A lot of great friendships have begun here and we hope that continues.

For those of you who enjoyed contacting friends via the "Inbox" feature, you might be wondering "How do I stay in touch with friends now?"

The answer is: through wall posts and forums. If you are not aware, you can set your Profile page to be visible to "Friends" only to provide a sense of privacy. However, we are ultimately asking that be used as a place to share things that are safe and appropriate for everyone to see and discuss.

We believe this change to the site is an important step toward keeping this a safe community.

Via Veritas Vita!

Allan & Chris
The Miller Brothers

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That's not creepy at all. XD

The only reason I liked it was so I could empty it.  XD
Ezra, YOU may not have been doing anything illegal, but there were some bad things happing, not JUST your spamming. The Millers know the stuff thta's going behind it all. Just say "Thank you Millers for Keeping CB safe."
I suppose it's all for the best! : ) Thanks for keeping the forums safe and fun!

You're welcome:P JK

Very good choice, Millers! And thanks! I had 42 new messages!

*gasp* Does that mean you're gonna send me more notes? Oh, bother.

*gulp* Please, no.

Aaaah! *mad face* *girly voice* Moooooommmmyyyyyyyy! C-Rae just threatened to send me an eeeeee-mail!! *bursts into tears* It's not fair!!




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