Hi gang, we're trying something new on the Codebearers site. It's a rewards program that offers perks in exchange for your social actions on our website. For example: if you visit the site and have signed up for the Rewards program...you'll get 100pts each day you visit. If you comment on a blog post, another 100pts each day. Total points earned per day is capped at 300 pts currently.


After 3000 pts you'll receive a $3 starbucks gift card

After 5000 pts you'll get a $5 iTunes gift gard

After 10000 pts you'll get a $15 Amazon.com gift card


Currently, you must have a Facebook account or have your parents permission to sign in with their Facebook account so that you can collect these rewards. It will track your social actions and even give bonus points for "liking" videos. Anywhere you see the red bookmark - you'll earn points.


It's a simple way for Rewarding you all for being a special part of our Codebearers community. 


If you are experiencing trouble with this service, please post your comments here so I can see if we can fix the issues. So far, it looks like we've had about 50 of you earning points. Way to go guys!


* be sure to note what browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, etc) and platform (PC/Mac) you are using so we can best troubleshoot any issues you may have.


Thanks you guys...we appreciate you a bunch!

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Groupons, are like Living Social deals, they are already paid for deals, run by businesses. Our window Washing business ran one, and you have to offer a service or product for at LEAST half off usually. Plus, the business running the deals has to give half of the deal money to Groupon (or living social) so they wind up with only 25% of their usual earnings. Hopefully that explains a bit


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