If he logs on and sees how many people want him yo come back, he might come back.

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Hiya! Welcome back. I'm Sabrina. What may I call you?

Mm..I don't normal post my real name online for privacy reasons, but you can call me either Faean or Saber. 

Makes total sense, Faean! :)

That makes sense. (Although, who is gonna know if you're using your real name or not?) I don't use my real name online either. I think I might swap back and forth between Faean and Saber just for the fun of it (but I really like Saber. I almost went by Saber for a time, but then I didn't and here we are and I'm still Sabrina at heart no matter how my username may change)

Sabrina is really pretty. 

Saber was part of my old cosplay handle. I'm so used to being called it it's a little weird not to go by it.

I'll probably make a post on introductions. I haven't been here in almost 6-7yrs. Wow. Yeah. 


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