Okay, so this is where you come to plan a roleplaying game.  To get ideas and suggestions and the like.  I realize that there aren't gonna be enough members to actually start a game for a while, but I just wanted to get this started for when they come. 


I myself am going to start a game once I have the storyline.  Any suggestions will be welcome.  It will not be a spin off of anything.  Very likely it will contain magic cause I love magic.  Other than that, I don't have much...

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Uh...what exactly is roleplaying? (please don't think me dumb for not knowing...I'm homeschooled)
i am homeschooled and i roleplay... well let's just say alot....
I'm homeschooled too! I don't really know what roleplaying is either.

I'm Homeschooled and i Roleplay all the time!

I didn't know what it was either before I joined the old site. XD

The way I want to do it, it'll be like a bunch of people writing a story together. Whoever creates the thread for the game gives you a basic plot line and you create a character (or take one you've already created whether in a story or just your imagination) and insert said character into that story. It's almost like a video game. You know, you've got the story line you need to follow in the game but you aren't glued to that. You run around and accomplish your stuff in your own good time. I hope I've given you a general idea of what it's like. Sometime after Christmas I'll create my thread and we can do like practice runs if you want. It'll probably be a lot clearer if you see the action.
Got ya!
Was all caps supposed to signify something? Cause if it was, I'm afraid it went right over my head...

yes i want to get roleplaying up... give me more roleplaying than just the redwall muck!"


It totally has to have laser swords or something of that type.  
So you're more for Star Wars type, eh?  Take a look at "the game you all probably haven't been waiting for".  It's not SW, but it will be dealing with high tech stuff.
got it.


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