Okay, so this is where you come to plan a roleplaying game.  To get ideas and suggestions and the like.  I realize that there aren't gonna be enough members to actually start a game for a while, but I just wanted to get this started for when they come. 


I myself am going to start a game once I have the storyline.  Any suggestions will be welcome.  It will not be a spin off of anything.  Very likely it will contain magic cause I love magic.  Other than that, I don't have much...

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I never forget a face.

58% of the time.

You've never seen mine.


There are only a couple people from this site that I have also added as friends on FB, 2 to be exact, and Michaelyoda is not one of them.

*whispers* You should add me lol

Sorry I prefer to keep it somewhat private, and we don't know each other that we'll yet.

I was being more figurative.

I know. I was teasing you.

I know lol. I was just teasing you. Though if you ever want to add me, feel free lol. I don't bite.


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