For everyone on this site can you believe that I haven't made a intro page! I know right I was going over all the stuff I had done on codebearers and suddenly realized I hadn't made one! Well have fear I am going to make one now, or maybe now, na how about now. ok hear we go. Got ya!

Hello All I'm Cypher that annoying pest of the past future and present. However I am in college and that has kept me away from codebearers but I will be trying to become more active. While I am a college student I am also finishing up the 12th grade. I like Legos, video game,Pizza, brain puzzles, pizza, Computers, Playing outside, Pizza, Building, Star Trek, Star Wars, Pizza, Science Fiction, My Little Pony, working on cars, cooking Pizza, eating Pizza, oh and I almost forgot to mention I like PIZZA!!!!! and green.

Although don't show it I like to write and I put a few story Ideas into blog posts but never really did anything with them. I do plan to do some more writing over this semester and hope to post them near the end of the semester. Time will tell however if I will have time this semester to write at all.

Well that is it for a intro. I still can't believe that it took this long to create a intro. Wait I made A blog post introduction. Well what do you know about that. Well sense I did spent all this time typing this up I guess I should still post it.

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I going to make one 2

what you would steel from my spot light! of course you would you are you are my little sister after all. 

Sorry bro, but now that there is two of your little sisters on here we are gonna destroy you!

sure you are

I knew you'd agree.

Can't I just keep him as a pet

I am no ones pet

I don't know if you're ready for a pet. I guess we can try it for now but you have to take responsibility for him or else.

Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayay. PonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPonyPony

Just make sure he is house trained, ok.

No comment

you guys are so childish. Watches kids shows


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