Hey guys! So yeah... here's another!! *sighs* I'm so naughty... 

Well I started this book a long time ago actually. Before The Felixi even. It was originally going to be like one of those Japanese game anime's and I had an interesting game with disks planned. Unfortunately I never fully created the game and found my talents didn't lie in those kind of story's. Instead I reread it and found I like part of the story and decided to add something different into it other then the game. It's a real work in progress, but I hope to write this well.

This story is based off Japanese culture and I hope to study lots while I'm writing it so if you have anything please feel free to tell me!

This story will be kinda dark, violent aaaannnndd I might add romance, but I kinda doubt it. :P

Lastly you may feel free to comment and give me suggestions, but please don't copy! This is my hard work and you never know if I may one day wish to publish it. 

Thanks you guys for all you support! I'll shut up now so you can read the story. :P


By Mina

Started July 20 2012 (When I really got serious about this story)


The room was completely dark other than a small crack in the curtains where a dark figure stood quietly; watching. It was almost time. She had lived for so long and study and learned too much to stop now. Soon everything she had worked for and deserved would be hers and she could begin to shape her plans. She would savour every moment and allow all the bloodlust and anger inside of her to spill in glorious revenge so she could destroy everything. Then in the ashes she would finally die. Die peacefully. Her lips curled into a cruel smile. Things were going just the way she wanted them to go.

Something began glowing green at her hip underneath her dark cloak. She drew her arm back in and took the item bringing her arm back out her sleeve. She fingered it lovingly and kept it protectively close. The light revealed what you could see of her face. Her black hair and cloak covered almost all of it, but you could tell her skin was deathly white. Even though you could only see her lips you would immediately be able to tell that she wasn’t all there, that her mind was slowly dissolving. She had lived with her anger for too long… far too long.

“Ma’am?” A man asked, opening a door and allowing more light in.

She stuffed the glowing item back into her clothes and its light slowly faded. “Yes?” she asked her voice beautiful and soft.

“I got a call from the leader of your group. He says he should be at the first school tomorrow.” The man informed her.

She sighed taking the item from her cloak again. “He better do as he’s told.” She muttered. She walked to a desk and quickly wrapped the item and a worn book in a velvet blue cloth. “Take it to him.” She ordered. “I want you to watch them and insure they don’t do anything stupid with my things.” She handed the things to the man whispering in his ear as she left the room. “Guard these things with your life.” She hissed.

The man swallowed nervously and pulled them close to his chest. He didn’t dare defy her; she was far too powerful for him.

The woman smirked. This was all or nothing. She hated trusting people, but to complete her plans it was something she simply had to do.




Shuuichi (Shuu)


Ashley (Thx Silver!)

Rin Saleva


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OoOoOo. mysterious. :0

I can't wait to introduce the main characters! ^^

First chapter! ^^ I'm working on the third, but need to edit the second a bit more...

Chapter 1

My name is Koyo Yamashita. I’m too short and too skinny to be considered a sports person so I’ve always stayed away from anything like that. My hair is shaggy, dark brown and comes down to my chin, just the way I like it. My eyes are considered a blue by most, but some think they might almost be purple. I’m just an average kid finishing middle school. Wait, let me change that. I’m that kid you pass by and hardly notice until the school bullies come around. Then everyone sees me. Sees the snot being beat out of me as I pathetically try to protect myself, sees me beg for mercy as I hang from the flag pole by my underwear or laughs as I try struggle out of a locker. I’m the garbage of the garbage, been that way since I started middle school. But halfway through I met Izumi Fukazawa.  He was pretty much a medium in school, but he had enough “cool” to talk to the bullies and save me from some beatings. This can be embarrassing though. Constantly having to be rescued and never being able to fend them off myself. I was a weak person physically, but strong willed mentally. I wanted to be a “man” and at least tough it out through my beatings without having anyone to rescue me. Still, Izumi is my best friend and he’s always willing to listen and help me out with my problems. He’s the greatest friend I could ask for.

* * * * * *

“Why does Izumi have to be a genius?” I asked myself as I was slowly backed into a corner.

Our math teacher decided the Izumi would make a perfect tutor for a kid in our class and they were going to stay late. Of course this meant I was free meat.

I gasped for air when the first punch hit me square in the stomach. My legs buckled and I held my stomach tight. The biggest kid of the bunch, the leader, grabbed me by my scruff and lifted me off my feet.

“I got bad grades.” He hissed in my face. “And I gotta take my anger out somewhere.” He explained as he smashed his fist into my face.

I was sent flying from his grasp and into a set of lockers quickly slumping to the ground.

“What’re you going do?” One teased.

I gave a small groan, sending off one of my rare wishes that a teacher or someone would help me. A crowd had started to grow. Some looked entertained, others looked at me sadly, but none made a move to help. “Dang” I muttered, wiping some blood from my lip.

Their leader laughed harshly. “That’s it? What about after this?” He kicked me in the side sending a bolt of pain through my body.

“Auugg” I cried as my face smashed into cold linoleum floor. I didn’t even try to get up, knowing if I did I’d only be sent back. I felt a heavy foot on my head as they discussed what to do with me. I lay still, wishing I wasn’t so useless. So tiny and easy to beat on. I clenched my fists slightly wondering if I tried to fight back if I’d prove to be better than I thought. No… I thought recalling when I last tried that. I had been beaten up so badly I had to wear Izumi’s mom’s makeup to hide that I had been beaten. My dad still hadn’t found out about the bullies and I had no intention of letting him. I was determined that if I was going to be beaten I’d at least take it like a man.

“Hey! What are you kids doing?” I heard a teacher say from down the hall.

Quickly the bullies picked me up and brushed me off. “Stay quiet and we’ll let you have a peaceful last day of school.” One hissed in my ear before they quickly hurried off.

I had no intention of telling the teacher anything and quickly brushed some of my hair into a position that hid my now swelling jaw. Everyone began to disperse and I blended in with them allowing them to slowly carry me outside the building and from there I waited for Izumi in the park. My jaw was killing me and my side wasn’t doing much better either. I massaged them gently as I waited.

“Koyo!” I heard Izumi say as he rushed across the school grounds to me.

Quickly I hid my pained emotions and waved him over. I had grown quite excellent at this over the past couple years and even knew how to fool my friend. This time however he quickly found out about the fight.

“Your face!” He cried in surprise as he got to me. “What happened?”

“Shoot” I thought, remembering my jaw. “It’s fine.” I told him.

He sat beside me looking worried. “Koyo, you gotta tell someone about this!” He insisted.

I tried to laugh but yelped in pain instead. “Tomorrows the last day before spring break.” I said. “After that it’s only a bit more then high school and I’ll be finished with middle school.” I said. “I can survive it.” I insisted.

Izumi bit his lip looking mad that I wouldn’t do anything.

I pat him on the back. “High school will be fine.” I insisted. “I just won’t get on anyone’s nerves and stick with you.” I said.

Izumi sighed. “You better come to my house so I can help you clean up.” He said.

We walked quietly to Izumi’s house and took our time getting me bandaged up and adding a bit of makeup to make it look I was never injured. Finally I said goodbye and headed to my own home. Izumi stood in the doorway watching me with concern as I went home. Even though I preferred he didn’t come and save me all the time, he was an important friend to me and I felt so glad that I got the chance to meet him.

I carefully peeked into my house finding my father sitting on the couch with the TV blaring. He was always working and when he wasn’t he was too tired to do much else so I left him alone. My mom…. had died… so I was pretty much on my own.

Slowly I tiptoed across the hall and toward my small room. My place away from the world. The walls are covered in posters and my shelves are lined with my favorite books. I plopped in my chair and flicked on my computer, hoping to escape to somewhere nice.

The next time I checked the time it was two in the morning. I muttered under my breath when I realized I had forgotten my homework. Quickly I slid across the floor with my chair to my bed where I had carelessly thrown my bag. For me school isn’t too difficult, but my average is only about a seventy on most tests. I excel at English, socials and anything I get to write in, but Gym I completely failed. Actually I never went. I stayed away from any and all physical classes. I went through my homework as quick as possible, skipping anything I was sure I could make up a great excuse for. Shutting my last book I flopped onto my bed and instantly went to sleep.

“Koyo!” I heard Izumi say as he rushed across the school grounds to me.

Izumi was slightly tall and had bright orange hair. His eyes were brown, but had a sort of red tinge to them. He was a very handsome guy and pretty popular with the girls, not that he'd ever go out with any of them. He always said he was far to young for that.

Quickly I hid my pained emotions and waved him over. I had grown quite excellent at this over the past couple years and even knew how to fool my friend. This time however he quickly found out about the fight.

An edit. :P Can't believe I forgot this...

Lol, I was wondering what Izumi looked like. XP

Me: *blush* I kept thinking I wrote it, but I must of totally forgot.... if I do this again please tell me....

Izumi: I'm just starting to know Mina and already... I've learned shes very forgetful...

Me: *blush* (>~<)

I'm glad, I don't have bullies at my school. :) like the story BTW.


When I did go to school I was bullied a bit, but more with words not fists. Still I wanted to touch on that subject a bit. :)

Coolo! I like it so far.

Is glad! ^^

I'll be doing an archery lesson tomorrow, but I might see if I can post another chapter... hmmm... it needs work though... 

I love it! Can't wait for more Mina! :)


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