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There are not many of us left. the shadow are hunting us down camp by camp. It is only a matter of time before we are all wiped out. We need The Author. We need Avaid. We need a hero to save us. So please if anyone gets this, then please come and help. The Shadow will tempt you to join them and if you choose them then the Resistance may fall but I promise you great rewards with The Author. So please help the resistance.


  • No Invincibility (Which means you cant dodge everything
  • No "I'm so strong that I can kill everyone yay the Shadow win we are done"
  • No bad Languge
  • If i tell you to do something or not do something you should obey
  • if something I (or anyone) say is unfair than tell me and I will try to sort it out
  • when out of character speak in italics
  • !!!HAVE FUN!!!
  • Obey the last one
  • Obey all the rules!!

Here is what a character bio should look like:

Satar's Character(s)

Name: Joshua Mitchels
Race: Human
Age: 13
Affiliation: Resistance
Personality: Intelligent, strategic, quick-thinker, nice and planner.
Talents: Flexible, endurance.
Bio: He came to Solandria when he was 7 and he has been training with them ever since, he has been back to earth a handful of times but he tries to stay in Solandria.
Weapon: Versatias bow and two swords.
Other: In his early life he took gymnastics and has still been practicing in Solandria.
Name: Alex Same
Race: Human
Age: 22
Affiliation: Resistance
Appearance: Navy blue eyes, Golden brown hair.
Personality: Intelligent, quick-thinker and serious when in battle.
Talents: Skillful with almost any weapon, perfect shot with the bow, training and a skilled swordfigher. Bio: He has a wife in Solandria who is also a Codebearer but she is not able to fight because she is pregnant with there first son. This gives him extra motivation because he wants his son to have the best life possible.
Weapon: White Veritas swords which can combine into a double-bladed staff and a Veritas bow with silver colored arrows.
Other: He is the second-in-command of the Resistance and he takes this duty very seriously. He never leaves a battle before his men and never tries to put his men on suicide missions.



Name: Brandon Samatar

Race: Mage

Age: 18

Affiliation: Shadow
Personality: Smart, natural leader.
Talents: Magic-user, agility and endurance.
Bio: He was born in Solandria in a neutral village with a population of 94, 35 of them were men, 37 of them were women and 22 of them were children.  At the age of 7, the shadow attacked his village and killed everyone except the children because they captured them and brought them back to be trained, 17 of the children died in training but he was one of the 5 who made it.
Weapons: Magic and a staff that with the right spell can turn into a sword, battle-axe or a bladed staff
Evan Crawford's Character(s)
Name: Captain Jake Elm (Resistance Leader)
Race: Human
Age: 23
Affiliation: Resistance
Appearance: Sandy long hair pulled back into a pony tail, tan skin and stormy grey eyes.
Personality: Leader, strategic, kind, humorous, cunning and sarcastic.
Talents: Building, leading and planning
Bio: He was born in Solandria, and has been a codebearer his whole life and was taken captive by the Shadow when he was 12 and escaped with the help of his best friend Storm the snark.
Weapon: VERITAS katana
Other: Quick, strong and loves to ride Ugahs
Name: Malvern (2nd in Command of the Shadow)
Race: Dark Elf
Age: 327
Affiliation: Shadow

Personality: Hard-hearted, Evil, Hateful, and Vengeful.
Talents: Swordsmanship, Knife Throwing, Killing and Magic.
Bio: Left alone in the forest as a child at the age of 33 he had to fend off wild beasts, and then the shadow found him. he killed 25 solders and then was finally captured and taught in the ways of the Shadow.
Weapons: Throwing knives, Spells, a Dark Short Sword and Dark Battle-axe.
Other: Cunning, Fast, Deadly. 
Name: Zak Elm
Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Elf
Age: 16
Affiliation: Resistance
Appearance:Personality: Kind, Respectful, Loyal
Talents: Swordsmanship, Mind Bending (Basically Magical Jedi Mind Trick)
Bio: Son of Jake Elm, mother was an elf that was killed in a Shadow Raid By Malvern himself.
Weapon: VERITAS Katana
Other: Not very in touch of the ways of the Author, Wants His Revenge

Name: Gabby Goodsmith

Age: 13

Race: Human

Affiliation: Resistance

Appearance: Black hair, a welcoming smile and is tall

Personality: Energetic, kind, talkative

Talents: Archery

Bio: Gabby found a book at a shop and decided to take it home. when she input the key she felt the voice of the author. soon she read every day and eventually was sent to solandria in the middle of Unitis. she trained until now.

Weapons: VERITAS bow

Jamal Solo's Character(s)

Name: Nathan

Race: Human

Age: 15

Affiliation: Resistance

Appearance: Basically what Hunter looks like but brown hair.

Personality: A good leader, he makes sure things get done well, and he is good at being funny.

Talents: Swordfighting, swiftness, and agility.

Bio: He was born in Solondria and has had many adventures. Now he feels he must protect Solondria.

Weapon: Veritas swords that can combine into a big one or two smaller ones and a bow. Both his arrows and the swords are purple.

Other: He is afraid of spiders.

 Emily's Character(s)

Name: Cora

Race: Human, but she's not 100% sure

Age: 19

Affiliation: Resistance but Formerly Shadow


Short, white-blonde hair, coal black eyes, (not like the hollow Shadow eyes, just think of it as a REEEEEALY dark brown,) and has a light tan

Personality: Smart, sarcastic, violent yet not bloodthirsty

Talents: Stealth and weapon-making

Bio: She was born in Solandria among the Shadow and grew up with them, learning their ways as she grew but the Author helped her turn around.

Weapon: A Japanese style sword she made herself

Other: She found a Veritas sword from a battlefield and now keeps it, though she's not sure why


Name: Rio

Age: 15

Race: half human half Xin (it's complicated)

Affiliation: Resistance

Appearance: Personality: Calm, patient and kind

Talents: art, archery, healing, and a photographic memory

Bio: She ran away from the Xin when she was 4 and joined the Resistance.  She keeps anything before that a secret.  Being raised by the Resistance, she now has an unshakable faith in the Author and a vast knowledge of the Code.

Weapons: a bow and 2 daggers

Other: One minute she's kind and caring, but if you tick her off and try to hurt someone, her Xin side makes her angry and uncontrollable.

SonicFan's Character(s)

Name: Eddward (nickname is Edd)

Race: Human

Age: 18

Affiliation: Resistance

Appearance: hazel eyes, and a little bit of freckles


Personality:  sarcastic and funny, but serious when needed, and will do what he needs to do.

Talents: sword fighting, and creativity.

Bio: likes to eat meat. he hunts it himself.

Weapon: two Veritas swords, which can connect into a double sided sword, or fuse into a giant sword

Other: doesn't know his family.

Name: Xandred (you say it "Zandred" and he is 1st in command of the Shadow)

Race: unknown.

Age: also unknown.

Affiliation: Shadow


Personality: Arrogant, and likes to kill the Codebearers.

Bio: has a secret soft side for Cora, but no one can tell >:). also. don't say Codebearers, Aviad, or Author to him or prepare for consequences.

weapon: a super long sword, and a magic scepter.

other: I might tell you why hes soft on Cora later...

Dracionan's Character(s)

Name: Jet

Age: 15

Affiliation: Resistance

Appearance: Tall Has Wings That Dissipier. Blond Hair Strongly Built

Personality: Great Leader And Good with Battle Stratiges

Talents: Sword Fighting And Planning Stratiges

Bio: He Is Born In solandria And never really cared about it untell he finds out a The Dracionian Race He is king over and he give up his throne to protect solandria and his kingdom

Weapon: Duel Veritas's Swords that are sheethed on his back in a X

Other: The Duel Veritas Swords were his fathers

Race: Dracionan


gosojo's Character(s)

Name: Vice

Race: Unknown but uses magic and other abilities 

Age: Unknown (looks around 15) 

Affiliation: Resistance 


Personality: Secretive, serious, cautious, and loyal to those he trusts. 

Talents: Can see farther than normal, skilled archer, marshal artist, gymnast, and is stealthy. 

Bio: Vice was born in Solandria, his mother died in childbirth and his father was filled by shadows. He was taken in by another family but they got killed soon after. He lived on the streets most of his life until he found the Resistance at a young age and has been with them ever since. 

Weapons: Bow and arrows and a short sword.

Name: Mark Oriss

Age: 14

Race: Lark (Can speak to animals, and their eyes are normally bright colors.)  

Affiliation: Resistance


Personality: Nice, smart, curious, cautious, has a secret frustration.  

Talents: Gymnast, swordsmanship, little archery, quick learner.

Bio: Mark was born in Solandria and was happy, until the day the Shadow came when he was 7 and killed the hole village except him. He had hide in under a fallen part of the roof watching his mother and father get slaughtered by the Shadow. He ran away once the Shadow had left and was found by the Resistance, and has stayed with them ever since.

Weapons: Duel swords, throwing needles, a small knife hidden in his boot. 

Other: The three scraps on his face was from the Shadow. Sometimes acts like an animal. 


Name: Unknown is known as Click 

Age: Unknown 

Race: Achitier (Can copy anything he sees)

Affiliation: Half and Half


Personality: Dark, doesn't care who he hurts, sometimes sarcastic, and secretive.

Talents: Tracking, stealth, accuracy, agility, sight.

Bio: Click never stays in one place for to long, but he has been hanging around the Resistances base. No one really knows why hes there, he doesn't believe in the Author and he doesn't talk about his past. But he fights with them and there thankful for that.

Weapons: Dual swords, two medal whips, needles, and knives.

Other: He has many scars from his battles, and always volunteers for missions. 


Marock's Character(s)

Name: Dorn


Race: Human

Affiliation: Resistance


Personality: Strong, Good with people ,Protective of his friends.

Talents : Stealth, Observation, archery and accuracy

Bio: Raised himself of the land. Never new his parents. He is very good at seeing with out being seen. He also is very good with a bow and throwing knives. He likes to deal with an enemy at a distance rather than up close, but he can protect himself wit his sword. He learned all his skills for different things of nature.

Weapons: Veritas bow, sword and knives


Alexiania's Character(s)


Name: Alexiana (called Alex by friends)


Race: Human

Affiliation: Resistance

Appearance: Dark brown hair with stormy blue eyes. Usually wears jeans and a flannel over a t shirt. Dark grey vans, paracord bracelet, and hair in ponytail. (pic later)

Personality: Strong, good with people, protective of her friends and fellow Codebearers. If called too young to fight or do anything, she will get in your face and get mad.

Talents : Stealth, observation, very skilled with the sword, and agility.

Bio: Alexiana grew up in a home that never heard of the Codebearers or Solandria before. She stole a book from the library, the Authors Writ. Her parents tried to burn the book when they saw it, but before they could, she ran away. Alexiana was found by a Codebearer that was visiting her town and took her to Solondria when she was 9.

Weapons: Veritas sword with red blade with "Never look down on the young" etched on the hilt.

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"on the shard of Noc, there is a stronghold. all we need to do is storm that and take the bloodstone" Aviad said

"you make it sound easy" Jake replied. then turning to Alex he said "Prepare Provisions to go to Noc. Mark, get the thunderbirds ready and Nathan get the skyships ready.  I have a feeling of where my son is. AT DAWN WE RIDE"

Alex nodded his head and turned on his heels and started to walk out.

Click stood in the door way smirking, staring at Jake. Well he sound confident. 

Dragon Slayer. Seriously. I'm not even in the camp.

"Well, I guess I could," Nathan said in reply to Rio's question. "What are you having?"

just saying, i think this RP died out... maybe we should restart it???

this is dead as a door nail.


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