Sharp, pointy objects and other weapons of mass destruction

Who doesn't love a nice sharp and pointy object?  Or something that makes a big bang?   Or a loud smash?  If you don't, then this is not the thread for you.  If you do, then obviously this is the thread for you.

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Yeah, probably. But for me he was the kid that scared my brother when he was coming out of the bathroom.  Hehehe...
Aha! So you confess, do you? You actually DO know josh!
Yup, he's fighting Nazi Zombies on Call on Duty right now. =P We babysit a kid named Josh.
Oh shoot.  I thought he was fictitious...  Wait a minute, he is!  Cause how could Impy possibly know that?
Yeah, sure, he is.  Mayhaps Impy has an imaginary friend named Josh...?
I prefer Fred myself....

so any thoughts on keyblades?

What's keyblades?

This is a keyblade.



It is from a game called Kingdom Hearts.

Ah... eeentresting.

Oo, look at this pic I used for a RP.

Very *gulp* pointy.


I got a few keyblade designs that were floating in my head. Thinking of Blender-izing them...


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