Her foot slipped on wet tarmac as she turned sharply to dart into another alleyway navigating through the complicated maze of tall foreboding buildings that towered into the sky grimly reminding her of tombstones. Every so often she would frantically glance over her shoulder only to see the dark slimy walls that caged her in this labyrinth and her shadow strewn across the dirty ground. All the while rain continued to fall the droplets the size of marbles as if the sky itself was weeping.

After what seemed like years of running but was only a few minutes, The girl slowed to a stop and leant against the nearest wall, closed her eyes and lifted her face to the onslaught of rain . Her breaths were short and Shallow each one turning to mist as they escaped her bloody red lips.

Her hand slipped into the pocket of her damp ragged shorts, Blindly searching until she finally curled her slim fingers around the cool metal of a dagger. She pulled the sharp blade from her pocket carefully In fear of wounding herself. She then held it up to the flickering streetlight its glow reflecting off the polished Metal. She inspected it slowly turning it in her hand searching for imperfection or any sign of forgery. A small exhausted but satisfied smile crossed her face when she found none. Strands of long wet hair were plastered to her pale skin her lips were slowly becoming blue wit the severity of the cold there. Dark circles under her emerald green eyes betraying the depth of her exhaustion.

Her other hand pulled a phone from her jacket pocket ,her eyes remaining transfixed on the weapon as if she feared it was going to slip away, she flipped it open and quickly dialled a number before pressing it to her ear she only had to wait a second before someone answered

“It’s me,” She said softly there was a small pause “I got it”

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But what if I turn into spider man
Fine then, don't focus on any kind of power!

....But what if I turn into you 0_0




That would be scary
....Just don't do anything at all and you'll be fine.
I really like it Do you have anymore on it?
I used too, its part of a story I have been wrting for a while and its spread out on my laptop, my computer, my mums laptop, My sisters laptop my bestfriends laptop and computer and another friends net book XD I will probably get it together soon so you might see some more floating around later on.
that be cool

I like it! I hope you can get more on here soon!


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